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    Can I purchase an iPhone 4 and activate it on a current account?


      We want to upgrade my mother's phone.  She is currently using an LG cosmos!  Oh my goodness.  It is even too old for her to use anymore.  lol   If we upgrade now, she must pay full price for another phone through Verizon or so I was told today in a chat with a sales associate.  Her contract is up in July of this year.


      Can I go outside of Verizon to buy her a new phone, and just replace her old device with the new phone?   I am sure I can find a iphone 4s for less than $499.00 which is what the sale associate told me it would cost,  before July.

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          Yes, you can purchase a phone elsewhere, just ensure that the phone is Verizon branded with a clean ESN/MEID.  It won't change your plan, although you'd have to add a data package if you get her a smartphone (assuming you're on a Nationwide or similar plan).  You also may want to consider a gently used device from ebay or swappa.