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    Lost Contacts


      I have 2 phones on my plan.  Two different numbers.  On Saturday I received a text that was for the other number.  It went to the other number as well.  Today I noticed that all of my contact information is missing.  Any ideas?

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hello wolfman739, we understand the importance of retrieving those contacts! This is definitely out of the ordinary. What is the make and model of the device? If the device is an iPhone, you may be sharing the same Apple user id and password and is causing contacts to unsync with any changes on the other phone. Are you using the regular messaging app or another messaing system?

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            The phone is an iPhone 4S.  I am sharing the same user id and password, but there have been no changes to the other phone and all of it's contacts have been retained.  Many of the numbers on the 2nd phone were on my phone as well.  I am using the regular messaging app.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support


              Roger that! Do you have iCloud turned on or do you have Backup Assistant on your device? If so, you can run the backup and the contacts will come over.

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                I lost the contacts in my iPhone 4s sometime yesterday.  I have not changed plans or phones.  It just disappeared.  Are there others reporting this loss of contacts?  HElp.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Help is here Wolfman739! I undesrtand how concerning it can be when you loose contacts in your phone. Can you try resetting your network settings by tapping settings>general>reset>reset network settings. After you have done this, power cycle your device and check to see if your contacts have appeared. If they are still missing, tap on settings>iCloud>turn contacts in icloud off and on. Please feel free to reach out to us if you are still unable to retrieve your contacts.

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                    I've had the same problem, all of my contacts just disappeared. I ran the back up assistant to get them back but now I have all my contacts plus my husband's.  I only have about 125 and he has 500+ so you can imagine it is annoying to look thru all of those add'l contacts now.  How do I fix it? Also, if the same thing happens to him, I'm sure he only wants his contacts to download

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      palsheri lets get the contacts sorted out! Fill us in on the details and we'll find the best fix for you! Do you and your husband both have the iPhone 4S? Do either of you use iCloud to store your contacts or only Backup Assistant? Do you each have your own separate log in to My Verizon?

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                        I had the same issue.  I turned my iCloud on and off for contacts then restarted my phone.  That seemed to help. 

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                          I had the same thing happen yesterday.  All my contact names went missing.  Since then, I've updated 14 numbers with names.  Just a bit ago, I decided to sync with my cloud to retrieve the 200+ contacts there.  It wiped out all contacts on my phone, but for the 14 updated yesterday. 


                          I logged in and moved the deleted (224) contacts from "trash" back to active, then I tried the steps you indicated above: reset network settings, power cycle, then turn iCloud settings on/off.  That worked...but for one thing.  Now they are all (mostly) DOUBLED.  I have 385 contacts (135 pending). [but still only 224 showing in the iCloud.]


                          Do you know of any fix for this?  I'm so happy to have them back, but it would be nice to not have all of them twice.




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