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    Sim Card Slot.!  Droid Maxx or Droid Ultra..


      I'm looking at this phone as a Second alternative)  I've been looking at the Moto X really hard but i wouldn't mind this phone as an alternative to go with but I have a Question to ask and that is the Sim Card Slot it's also were the Volume Toggle is and that kind of concerns me a bit of Wearing out it, From what I can see and I'm limited on that!  the Sim holder look's to place the Sim Card a ways in the phone not right at the edge but I'm still wonder if moving the Volume Toggle will cause looseness or Play in the Card..


      I'm asking Forum Members and Verizon Employees that own this phone and have had some time carrying it)  Have you seen any issues at all if you have please post as this will make a Decision for me in purchasing the phone.. Thanks for your Time.. b33