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    Can existing customers get on a single line plan?




      Perhaps this is just me but the new $45 single line plan seems like a good deal, relatively speaking, when you compare it to the other major providers and realize the consistency of the Verizon Wireless network.  However, this plan is for new customers only and is a single line plan with 250 MB of data.  However, when you look at it in a different light it is also a slap in the face to existing customers on the share everything plan.  I will use my account as an example.


      We are a very light data use family and our four iPhone Family exists on 1GB of data (no data overages).  So we pay $160 for all phones + $50 for the 1GB of data.  After my employer discount our final pre-tax/surcharge bill is $201.50.  That being said if each phone was on this $45 single line plane we would have a pre-tax/surcharge cost of $180 ($21.50 less than current share everything price), and we'd still have basically the same total amount of data, though each phone would be limited to 250MB of data rather than share a pool of 1GB, but since none of our phone have exceed 250MB we'd be likely not run into overage issues.


      Sounds great so I should switch all of our phones over to this $45 single line plan, right? Well the plan is for new customers only, so not an option.  But the bigger point is this.  Verizon just in effect dropped the price of 1GB of data to $20. So, for a similar low use data family such as mine, they will pay $180 for the same unlimited calling, unlimited texts, and 1GB of total data, but my family who has been with Verizon for several years have to pay $201.50 for is basically the same plan except that we can share our 1GB data allowance among our four phones.  At that rate a family with 8 smartphones that use up to 250MB each would still be saving money by placing each phone on the single line plan.  I thought family/share plans were supposed to save groups money because it ties more individuals to Verizon.


      I know that most are not like my family and make use of more data than us.  So for example, a family of two, currently on share everything 2GB allowance will have a pre-tax/surcharge cost of $140, but if each line was on the new $60 single line plan that comes with 1GB of data they would have a bill of $120 and they'd pay $20 less than the share everything plan they are on now. However, again this new $60 single line plan is for new customers only, according to the sales person I spoke to the other day.


      I am not complaining about the service I receive when using my phone its great and I get service almost everywhere I go, even when camping.  I am not complaining about the customer service I receive, because I always have a good experience when I call to speak to a customer service agent.  I am not complaining about the subsidized phones I have had over the years, I don't mind the contract that ensures Verizon will recoup the cost of my phone (the phone Verizon paid apple for up front on my behalf). What I am complaining about is the fact that in response to other recent price changes by the other carriers, Verizon made some slight price changes but made these lower prices only available to new customers.  In essence Verizon is basically saying, Hey existing customers you have to pay more for your data and services but new customers get to pay less so that we can lure them away from T-mobile, sprint and AT&T.  So anyway just my 2 cents (or in this case several dollars) worth as it relates to Verizon's new single line plans relative to the share everything  plans. Please feel free to comment and add your thoughts.  If a Verizon rep wants to give me the additional $30 off on my family's 1GB data allowance I will take it and be very happy.



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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi ponyruns,

          We definitely appreciate your feedback today regarding your plan allowances. We always want you to have the best options available. The good news is, you may qualify for this plan. However, this plan is not available online. In order to activate/qualify for this plan please visit your local VZW Store http://bit.ly/3SdsA, give us a call directly by dialing *611 send from your VZW device, or follow me MatthewS_VZW and then DM me with your account information. We would be happy to discuss any applicable plans that may fit your needs, thanks!

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            The diatribe in the original post notwithstanding, you can, in fact (as the rep indicated) get this new plan (there actually are two of them - a $45 plan with 250 MB of data [$15 per 250MB overage] and a $60 plan with 1GB of data [$15 per 500MB overage]) if you are a current customer simply by CALLING customer service or going to a Verizon corporate store.


            You cannot currently do it online.  And your employer discount will not apply to the plan.

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              Hey...I myself have been with VZ since early 2000's...first pre-paid then full on reg plan. As I was transporting cars all over the 48 states I tried all others back then thru 2005-6 & found it very clear that VZ was the only way to go. No dropped calls & can't recall where I had trouble with signal...(probably cuz it was so rare), but do recall they were only one that worked when crossing Alligator Alley in South Florida. Anyway, I am still using same phone(Motorola-W385-flip/phone) it was their first and only available w/VZ-navigator in '06. I have now 3 others on a family plan(total of 4).


                  As follows: unlimited txt&2k shared talk min. 1 phone unlimited Data(my orig#gave to oldest kid3-4yrs ago) 2 others on 2GDATA @ $10 if they go over for each additional(1G?)...the avg. cost per Smart phone is about $80(tax inc.) while my Flip is $25 (lol), I have yet to embrace the cell phone over my p.c. for that type of usage. Only 1 phone is on a contract, & have been think'n about switch'n to other provider do to a few month's of DATA overages here & there...but they have been pretty good not to go over. I have been amazed since going on family plan back in like 2010 that we never went over the 2000shared min....how kid's can txt >5000 a month??? lol... And for that same period had total of 5 phones until recently(3mth ago 1 divorced/went AT&T/cost of DATA vs. VZ) So...where was I going with this...aagghhh, well.


                    I think it's great/overdue about the DATA deal they now offer...now I need to call VZ and get things straight & see if there are any savings to be had! I also thought that the family plan was about saving$$ also...the unlimited talk is 1 issue(w/my plan I need addressed). And by having VZ try more than once in past year's to change my plan with shared DATA upgrade for all, & Talk&txt failed to come-up with a better deal than I had. [They really want me to lose the flip phone] & because the 1'st # was grandfathered in when DATA was not cool, they don't like that! And any change of that phone plan for the group, I would lose the Un-limited on that #...but when ever I choose to get-smart...I will take back that # from my son. lol..Yep, I went over your math and issues and have come up with about the same thoughts +/- to my family plan cost's. But one thing I must agree is that you can not beat VZ for service, been happy with coverage & customer service...they will probably have to pull my MotorolaW385 flip phone from my cold dead hand(got another just like it & a battery for back up ha ha)...thx for your comments.


              p.s. I still have a home phone that the kids think is the devil...and can't use it cuz they don't know/remember any of the #'s they call X^D

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                Thank you MathewS_VZW and ttipgem


                the info above was contrary to what the customer service rep told me.  I was told by the rep that the new single line plans were for new customers only. Though I do not believe my original post was a diatribe so to speak more then I was stating an annoyance I felt based on the information I was given by the customer service rep I communicated with about the new single line plans.  Anyway thanks again for correcting the information that I was originally given.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  You're welcome ponyruns! Have a great day!

                  Thank you,
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                    I agree. In fact, I signed up for the $45 plan this morning. The only problem was that the CS person argued endlessly with me that no such plan existed and that the only $45 plan they had was for a basic phone. Only after threatening to leave Verizon did she put me on hold then come back ten minutes later to confirm that there in fact was such a plan. How can CS not know what plans they offer? To make it even worse, I asked her to transfer me to Customer Retention and she informed me that she WAS customer retention. What? You are in charge of retaining customers and you aren't aware of all the plans your company offers?

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      Hey there programmerdude,

                      I apologize for the confusion. All of our representatives should be well versed in all of our plans and devices that we have to offer. The $45 plan is available and I am glad to hear that you took advantage of it. I will raise this feedback up so that the proper coaching can take place to make sure that your next interaction is a positive one. Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback.

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                        I disagree. You can't make judgements about people that you don't know and I have every right to DEMAND excellent Customer Service. . I have been assisted by some very helpful Verizon Customer Service representatives over the 12 years that I have given them my business. However, I have had some very bad ones too especially in their stores. I learned years ago that I could get the best CS by phone and later by using their chat system wen it

                        came online. Yesterday's experience was horrible in every way though.

                        I did not fully elaborate yesterday so let me do so now. Before I called Verizon CS, I used their chat system as I always do. The person I chatted

                        with actually tried to get me to take a $60 per month plan with a ONE YEAR COMMITMENT.  I could not believe what I was hearing (reading actually). I

                        mean really, I could have taken their prepaid plan with NO COMMITMENT and that would have made more sense. I repeatedly asked for the $45 per month plant but was told it would not suit my needs. Then, I was forced to call Verizon where I was told by another CS person that then plan I wanted did

                        not exist.  I still can't get over a CUSTOMER RETENTION SPECIALIST not knowing the services that its company offers. That is inexcusable.

                        Actually, her manager should be fired for not making sure his/her employees are knowledgeable. Anyway, she tried to shove different plans down my

                        throat until she finally realized that I knew what I was talking about. Perhaps that is the plan along, you call to get a lower rate and they tell

                        you it doesn't exist. Then, they offer you all these other plans that might save you a little but give you so much more. Hmm, I may be onto something

                        there, sounds like Bait and Switch to me. How about you?


                        This latest adventure has left a bad taste in my mouth. Sure, I have a $45 (before taxes and fees) per month plan now BUT I could have had that long

                        ago if I switched to another carrier. True, my service might not be as good as with Verizon but my Verizon service isn't that great in my house anyway.

                        Many of the other carriers don't charge taxes and fees either so their $45 per month plan truly is $45 per month. I will wait anxiously too see what

                        my final monthly cost will be. Funny, my Customer Retention expert could not tell me what the monthly rate was with taxes and fees included. How can

                        you not know that?


                        As a developer who also codes for iOS and Android, I have several different ones laying around for testing. This weekend, I am going to activate one on

                        T-Moblie and one on Straight Talk and see how the service compares to Verizon. If neither is comparable, I will look at AT&T. I have their

                        U-Verse service and love the CS I get from them. I may even get a discount for bundling. Either way I am ending my long relationship with Verizon as

                        soon as I find a replacement.


                        I apologize for turning this thread into a rant but at the very least I feel purged by getting it out there.

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