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    Verizon fried my phone, now asking for $...


      I took my galaxy note 2 into a verizon store because out of nowhere, it got stuck in roaming mode.  I explained the problem to a rep in the store, and he suggested swapping for a new sim card.  Since the store was closing soon, he told me it could take up to an hour for signal to restore and sent me on my way.  Problem is, it never restored, and was now stuck with a phone that had ZERO service whatsoever, basically a $700 paperweight.  I took it back in to the store the next day and explained to a different rep what had happened.  His response was, "nothing we can do, wanna buy a new phone at full price?  Or upgrade and lose your unlimited data?"  Sorry, but verizon ******* up my phone, they should replace it.  Not having a lot of money at the time, I switched providers to keep unlimited data, and get a better phone for $5 after they paid me for my broken phone, AND save $50 a month on service!  Now I'm getting a notice from verizon saying I owe them $58something, (five hundred eighty something).  Verizon has already taken plenty of my money, and now they want me to pay them for them ruining my phone!  Sorry verizon, you are mistaken this time.  I know this will most likely fall on deaf ears, because verizon doesnt care about their customers, only their money, but I'd rather share my experience for anyone thinking of using verizon.

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          Since the phone was under manufacturers warranty Verizon would have submitted a request to get you another like device that worked.


          No need to leave but I don't understand the $580 in charges.


          If you had new service there would have been $350 in Early Termination fees, then the cost of service used, but at $230?

          I just cannot figure that one out.


          Did they bill you for the balance of the phone? If so the charges would have been legitimate.


          Good Luck

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            The phone was no longer under warranty, hence the choice to pay more money to verizon in some form.  I know theres a $300 etf for another line on my account that was supposed to be transferred, or an assumption of liability that never happened.  When I spoke on the phone with verizon, he told me he would remove the charges from that line since it had been inactive since August.  So I'm not quite sure where the other money comes from, but regardless, the problem here is verizon is trying to get away with frying my phone with no repercussions.  Had they not, I would most likely still be with verizon and would have eventually found the other line was still "active" and paid it off. 

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              Make sure you find out to the penny what you are being billed for.

              More and more people are posting their displeasure with Verizon Wireless.

              A pity since at one time they actually were the best service around. Today having the best network is not enough, I was just reading Verizon Wireless seen 1.75 million new customers this last Q4 but are now realizing the threat of T-Mobiles uncarrier moves. It also listed competition from AT&T & Sprint as being a factor in their new pricing plans.


              Good Luck