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        Yeah I was wondering the same thing because I got the update the same day as you. I had major battery drain issues, even though they "supposedly" fixed it. I had to buy a new charger because the stock charger plugged into the wall was not able to give the amount of power needed to charge the phone since the up date. I feel Verizon knew fully of these issues and let it get pushed through anyway. I use my phone for business so I can not have the down time and the problems Verizon is causing. Where is the apology from Verizon? They owe us customer at least that much!

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          Since Verizon was fully aware of the bugs and issues with the update for well over three months, and then still then pushed the update through in January and I still have problems that have been mentioned to be fixed or resolved. Clearly from the amount of negative posts you people at Verizon knew about these issues for some time. So why did you allow it to get pushed through? It seems like EVERY SINGLE TIME there is an update, there are known problems and you Verizon people allow it to go through every time. I have been with Verizon since the inception of your wireless division but I am starting to get sick and tired of jumping through hoops just to get an answer. You sold me this phone fully away it came with an outdated sim card. did you people ever mention this? NOPE I had to go down to the Verizon store for a new one. Even the associates at your Dover, DE corporate store were amazed that you sent me a phone with an old sim card. Now I had to buy a new charger since the update wont let my stock Samsung charger work. All together my out of pocket expense was small, but the fact remains I would not have had to buy a new charger had you held off to fix the bugs with the update. I would like to know why, in full detail you refused to correct known issues after they were discovered and allowed the update to go through affecting many, many customers phones? Are you interested in keeping customers happy and satisfied at all or more interested in pushing them away because of examples like this update? I feel you owe me and every other Verizon customer a detailed explanation and apology as that is the decent and moral thing to do if you want to retain current customers.

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            --replying to OP to create mass in the hopes of Verizon reps heeding the community sentiment.



            you need to put pressure on your partners to deliver quality products to your userbase. the latest update was not ready to

            be released and the carrier should not have authorized it.


            consider this post as another datapoint of poor user experience as result of this update. i am having all the issues discussed in this thread and then some.


            the poor quality of the latest update makes my phone irritating to use during normal use and unreliable in emergency situations (imagine having to dial 911 after a car accident your phone reboots itself for no reason!)


            because i am a verizon customer and i didnt purchase the phone directly from Samsung, i am blaming the carrier and not the manufacturer. it is the carrier's responsibility to ensure the new update is up to spec. Unless current issues are resolved soon, AND the next update (whenever it may be) is released smoothly, i will be reluctant to recommend verizon services to anyone, and, in fact, may consider switching to a different carrier myself as an act of petty revenge.




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              Since I updated my gs3 to jb 4.3, few hours after the update, battery drain was extremely high and having unstable wifi connection,the phone was not been  used and I could see it loosing charge,on jb 4.1.2 the battery would last almost 2 full days, now I cant even get get half day without having to recharge, and boy is is slow...and to make matters worst, the phone turned off one day and no way in heaven it would turn back on, I called Verizon and after few minutes talking to the rep, they put me in direct contact with Samsung....The outcome of the ordeal was...after the update to jb 4.3, IT KILLED the motherboard on the phone, I sent the phone back to them to get it repaired, was without the phone for 1 week, got the phone back, but the battery drain problems and unstable wifi connection remain....Verizon say that they do EXTENSIVE TEST BEFORE THEY ROLL OUT THE UPDATE....REALLY??

              Well....how come I`m having these issues after the update, didn't have it before....and I CANT go back to 4.1.2 because of the knox **** that came in with the update.Well Verizon...what are you guys doing to have these problems fixed, this is NOT a isolated case...if you value your costumers MAKE them happy, give quality product that WORK, if you guys don't get the payment ON TIME you charge late fee, should DEDUCT a portion of the payment for the SERVICE that most of us are NOT getting......I`m looking forward for a very good explanation for that.

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                So every one here goes again. After I posted this the next day I went to the Verizon store they said the update is sent from Samsung, Google then Verizon. I stated I would be recording the conversation for quality assurance 3 times to the sales person. He kept saying it's not Verizon's fault. That I had a choice of updating the phone software by downloading the software update or by clicking install the update "after I downloaded the update" I mentioned the phone get's VERY hot well over 101 degrees at times (( enough heat to cause the phone to blowup or eve catch fire )) he said there was nothing he could do for me and to call tech support. I mentioned a few times that Verizon pushes the software update even after Samsung retracted the update. So, I left and called customer support. I mentioned the problems and the over heating he said to take it to the nearest Verizon Corporate Office and that since it is overheating it's a HARDWARE problem and that they would give me a brand new phone right there and then. I said ok and He texted me the address of the nearest one 

                14031 Hubbell Dr

                Jacksonville, FL 32218                                           mind you I live in GA.


                I said that's all I have to do and he said yes and that he would note my account so that they knew why I was coming. I said great and drove to that store he texted me from my house in GEORGIA when I got there the worker said they don't do that and that he should have ordered me a new phone but that he would go ahead and do that for me and he also noted it wouldn't be a NEW phone that it would be a refurbished one. I was upset because I took time to drive from GEORGIA down to Florida and apparently for NO reason. That's fine I dealt with it. The new phone came in the mail on Jan 16th, 2014  I started it up went through the start up process right after I finished the setup- the phone  automatically started downloading the new software update- I didn't have a choice to stop it or anything. Which makes sense since it started over from stretch.

                After it installed I started getting the annoying "install now or later" message. I clicked install later.  I did a factory reset I started the start up process again but hit skip and put the phone in airplane mode so it wouldn't try to download the update again. I force stopped unless programs and made sure to force stop two main programs that have to do with the update that the tech guy told me about. 1 was FWUpgrade  and the other was SDM. I also force stopped a program called

                Verizon Remote Diagnostics - which I have personally called tech support and seen how they use this software to gain FULL access to my cell phone and were able to actually use my phone, change settings, applications etc etc -


                I didn't link my google account I took the phone out of airplane mode and clicked about phone then went to software to CHECK for updates (( I didn't click install )) instead I clicked "decline" to download the software update. Even took a photo of my screen after I declined it which I will add in this post.  (( it clearly says user rejected the software download look close it says software download NOT software install )) the software it was wanting to download would have changed my software from MF1 to ML1 which is the version 4.3. Remember the software update that Samsung said they retracted

                I didn't get anything else about it so I started using my phone like normal.


                Now here's the kicker- today Jan 18th, 2014 I woke up to find that my phone downloaded the software update (( BY IT SELF ?????? )) I didn't have the phone off, I didn't have it in airplane mode or anything. I put it on the charger when I went to sleep. Once again I started getting the "install now or defer for a latter time"  (( every 5 minutes )) there was only a time not a date to choose from. I did NOT install the software and unless my phone came to life on it's own that means some how OR some one did it. I immediately went to applications and saw that the programs

                FWUpgrade,  SDM and Verizon Remote Diagnostics were running again.  Which means if I didn't install the update then Verizon did and that's a HUGE invasion of privacy. So, which is it Verizon, is the world in danger of they phones coming to life and taking over the world or did you invade my privacy to download a software update? The phone is NOT able to download software update with out my permission in which I clearly rejected and have physical proof that it was rejected.



                My proof - a photo of my phone saying "user rejected" software update download-  ( the option to download the software update )

                securedownload (1).jpg

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                  the credit would be nice but if you agree to a credit you

                  legally you could be agreeing to the software issues they have cause from the update

                  buyer beware

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                    I think it's odd that Verizon is still pushing the update knowing the issues going on. A worker for Verizon clearly stated that first the update goes through Samsung then Google then Verizon. The only reason I can think of that Verizon is still pushing this update is to boost more sales. The first time this happened I brought a new phone to avoid it and paid a lot of money and had to renew my contract after signing a new one 8 months earlier. So, push a faulty update and hope people will get upset with it enough to buy a new phone and renew their contracts again. Makes sense if you ask me.  It's driving a lot of people nuts and the fact that this has been viewed well over 8000 times in 5 days says a lot. It also says that Verizon is doing nothing about the issues.

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                      Update happened while I was using data (not during wifi). Had to use mobile data to use the map. Even though I stopped the update, it would later update on its own and use my mobile data. Now, map does not work well. GPS takes at least 5 to 10 minutes to "find" me even though there is no clouds in the sky. Then, GPS would say that I'm somewhere I'm not. There is now Map app only and no longer Navigation app. I loved the Navigation app and relied on it heavily to get to places. The new Map app doesn't function well (takes several minutes to find me on the map and then it doesn't indicate the path the way Navigation app did). There's now a button on the new Map app that says "start".  Not sure what it's suppose to start because when I click on it, it takes me to some other map functions, instead of starting to show the path I'm taking. The message system also doesn't work properly. I've received a text message and read it, but it still shows that I have one unread message. Serious battery drain. Phone lasts for a few hours instead of more than a day on a full charge. Phone call problem, too, my voice not being able to carry through the system to the receiver. Tried the mic and found that it has no problem recording sounds/voices. Most of the updates were not important anyway - including fancier images for the camera and calculator icons. Am curious whether these fancier icons take up more space then the previous icons. I want my old system back!

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