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    Samsung Galaxy S3 - 4.3 Update WiFi issues


      I did the 4.3 update to my Samsung Galaxy SIII the other day and since then I have been experiencing WiFi issues at work.  My phone only connects to the work WiFi only every other day!  One day it works, the next day it doesn't.  I am able to connect to my home WiFi network every day however I also have been experiencing some issues with staying connected or warnings that my WiFi network is unstable.  Both of these issues never occurred before the update.  My wife, who also has a similar phone is also experiencing the same issues on our home network.


      Because of this I am on the Verizon mobile network every other day at work and it is drastically eating into my shared data plan!!!  I wonder if this is a plan by Verizon to have their customers pay more by having to use more data?  By using my work and home WiFi networks most of the time 3 of us within our family are able to share 2GB of data!


      If Verizon or Samsung can't fix this I may take up T-Mobiles offer and switch plans.


      Will there be an update to the update to fix this issue?  Is there anything I can do?

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          I am having a similar problem since the upgrade.  My phone always has a message that my wifi network is unstable and wants me to turn on mobile data only.  It is constantly looking for a signal, which seems to run the battery down, as well.  I really don't want to have to spend time on the phone with Verizon over this.  Is there any way to undo the "update"?

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            The update can't be undone. There is no way possible. I haven't heard of any good solution on the wifi issue. Some people said shutting off the bluetooth helps but I never have that on in the 1st place. I've heard there was talks of a fix but no timeframe was given so I wouldn't hold my breath.

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              I'm actually seeing this problem, too.  I've got no problems connecting to my home network (which has WPA PSK security), but when I try to connect to the work network (which has the same security, but multiple access points), the WiFi icon appears but the network isn't available.  I have to disconnect and reconnect manually to get on the network, and when I move around the building between access points I lose it again.


              From just a WiFi standpoint, this update is sort of a disaster.

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                My phone went through the update back in December.  I was not able to "dismiss" the update, it happened on its own.  Anyway, after the update, my battery drained like never before and I could not keep my phone connected to WiFi which is very upsetting.  It kept kicking me off my home WiFi saying that my home signal was unsecure (whatever). I called Verizon tech support the first time, the tech said they hadn't heard of any issues similar to what I was having which I find VERY hard to believe considering there are forums ALL over the internet of people having the same problems.  So, after troubleshooting with her (which I knew would fix nothing), even did the factory reset, this helped NOTHING.  The factory reset just made me even more upset because after taking the time to sync your pics/music/whatever, you have to go back and download all of your apps again, just pointless. All in all, she sent me a refurbished "Like New" phone.  She said this would fix the problem.  Ok.. I got excited.  A few short days later, my "Like New" phone came and I activated it annnnd it went through the update.. So, I spent ANOTHER hour on the phone with verizon's excellent tech support.  Guess what?  The tech sent me ANOTHER "Like New" replacement and said to dismiss the update every time it pops up.  Ok.. I will try it.  Two days later, i get my 2nd replacement phone.  I activated it.  I dismissed the update.  10:00pm rolls around and my phone restarts, by itself! When it comes back on... yes... It was going through the stupid update!!!  I called back, again! Even more angry this time and spoke with a Nathanial who ended up transferring me to Samsung directly and the rep there told me they were not aware of any issues.  COME ON!!! He eneded up telling me I could send my phone in to them for repair and they would fix it but, I would be without a phone for 2+ weeks.  No Thanks.  I spoke with "supervisor"  Dan at verizon who was the most unprofessional person I have ever spoken to.  No help what so ever and he was so rude and mean!!!  He kept talking over me; his voice would get louder and louder as if he were trying to shut me up.  He would also cut me off during his conversation.  Long story short, he would not do anything and when I asked him for him employee ID # so I could report his customer service, he tried to give me his phone extension!  It was even hard to get that from him! 


                I am just sooooooooo sick of verizon's ****.  I had them several years ago and dumped them because of an issue I  had with them but when I got married, my husband insisted on keeping his cell service.  Good to know that some things will never change!  Verizon has the WORST customer service.  As soon as our contracts are up, we are gone.  Either that or may possibly move to T-Mobile and accept their offer.. they pay ECF! 

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                  I am having the same issue.  Nice to hear that I am not crazy and others are having the same issue.  Sucks to hear that nothing is being done about it.

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                    i just made my wifi open(no password) then let it connect or reconnect it then change the setting on the wifi from the router back to what you had from the start and it should work. well i just tried it now and it worked

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                      Bill, your method may work well IF you have control of the router.  I do not have that control here at work.

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                        This isn't a problem exclusive to Verizon.  If you look on Google, you can find people complaining about issues who are also on AT&T.  It has to do with the upgrade to the S3, S4, Note, and I think other ones, but I'm not sure.  That being said, this is REALLY annoying.  There are many things about the upgrade that I don't like.

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