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        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

        WriterNJ, we want you to have the best wireless experience on your device! Software updates are pushed to your device to give you the best wireless experience. It provides patches, which fixed software incompatible bugs and improved software performance to make your device more secure and it reduces conflict. However, it can sometimes conflict with 3rd party applications that you've downloaded to your device. Try uninstalling a few applications, power your device off/on and test your device's performance again. Keep us posted.

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          Dear LasinaH:   Another worthless response from a VZW Tech.... Lasina... please read the total thread on this subject before offering any reply... this issue happened with the new Android release and even impacts 'raw' S3 phones with no user installed apps.... it is just a 'buggy' release of software... there are thousands of us waiting for a 'release fix'... so please, VZW Techs,  do us all a favor and not reply until you have read all of the related thread entries... Thanks!


          Also... someone mentioned changing your wireless router channel to a less congested channel.... many have tried this several times with no impact... you might think it works... but the issue will raise its ugly head again...

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            This is not a issue with 3rd party apps, I just received a new Note 3 as my work phone stock and no 3rd party apps installed and I still received the connection unstable error.


            Again Changing my router from the "auto" channel to a static channel (I picked channel 4) worked great for me it has been 2 days and I have not received any more "Connection unstable" errors.


            I am curious to know if  people with Cisco, Belkin or any other kind of router are having the same issue or if it is limited to it is just a Netgear router.  

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              I connect to several different routers/WAPs during the course of a day and this is not a router issue.  It is impractical to think you are going to change router settings of different companies as you connect in different places.

              Mine has been mostly trouble free since I turned off the passpoint function.

              The fact that other devices function perfectly fine on the same network in the same room proves it is not a router function but an issue with the Note3.

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                I first spotted the problem with my ancient Linksys WRT54 router and a DSL modem. I replaced that with a Netgear 4300 and a cable modem (12-15 Mbps downstream). No Change - Same Problem.


                For me (I know that this does not work for many others) the only reliable fix was to turn the Bluetooth off. That has worked solidly for a month now. When I go into my car, I simply turn it on again. I am waiting for Kitkat (4.4) to see if they have fixed it. The attitude of Verizon, Samsung and Google in ducking this problem and wasting our time is poor.

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                  I believe I have found a fix.  Go to application manager, scroll over to all, select wifi direct and wifi direct share.  Click turn off and force stop.  I rebooted just to be safe.   I have not had any drops since.

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                    So I bought a new Note 3 today - 6 hours ago. I also bought a Droid Maxx for my wife. 


                    Once we got home we started installing our apps and updates on both phones.  Her Maxx was working fine.  My Note 3 kept telling me "Your Internet connection is unstable". It's now 2AM and my wife has long ago finished loading up her phone and gone to bed.  I just burned the last 5 hours trying to figure out what's going on with this Note 3.


                    I was scrolling in my list of apps in the Play Store, and trying to watch YouTube as my tests.  It took me 4 hours to finally scroll to the bottom of my list of apps.  The phone never played a YouTube video for more than 30 seconds until I removed the SIM.  Sadly, the SIM didn't resolve the issue 100%, but I'm getting ahead of myself...


                    I tried the following with no luck:

                    - Of course it was a new phone so no extra apps were conflicting with anything.  (Lame, dismissive tech support excuse)

                    - I have an EnGenuis WAP, and tried switching channels. 

                    - I disabled the WAP and enabled wireless on my a ASUS DD-WRT router.

                    - I read all 9 pages of this thread, along with the ridiculous Verizon tech posts - including the one where one Verizon tech suggested that we turn OFF "Settings > Wifi > Menu > Advanced > Turn off Auto Network Switch" followed 3 posts later by a different Verizon tech suggesting the opposite (turn ON). This of course after 6 other techs suggested the same thing, while ignoring the people repeatedly saying it doesn't help!  Of course I tried this with it off, which is the only option that makes sense.  All the Verizon techs **...understand how frustrating it can be to not have access to the Internet**.  It would be hilarious if it weren't so idiotic!

                    - I tried it with Bluetooth on and off.

                    - I also removed my SIM card per the suggestion on the thread:


                    So removing the SIM actually did help some.  Before it was dropping out every few seconds to 2 minutes.  Without the SIM I actually watched a 5 minute YouTube video and finally saw the bottom of my app list in the Play Store!  So besides the point that this is a test and no real solution, it only reduced the frequency of the issue.  It did not "work".

                    - The *good news* is the problem is so bad it doesn't take much testing until it pops up again.


                    I'm sorry for all of you that have been trapped by Verizon, who apparently is not willing to take responsibility for providing working phones to their customers, or even offer any meaningful statement that they are working on a real solution.  Just continue to throw out random "What if you stand on your left foot?  Now your right foot?" **.


                    As much as I love the idea of this phone, I will be taking it back to the store tomorrow AM and getting my money back.  I'll reactivate my trusty old Galaxy Nexus.  Of course their promise of a new phone, which I now don't get, ******* me out of my unlimited plan.  I have 5 Samsung devices, and love their products, but this is an embarrassment for Samsung and Verizon.


                    "Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review" - Hopefully Google will catch that text and lead some other unsuspecting prospective purchaser to this post. I did that same search before I bought the phone today and found a glowing review on CNET.  Maybe I'll go post a link to this thread in their comments. 


                    Good luck to all you poor unfortunate folks that Verizon has trapped in this ridiculous mess!  I wish you could just get your money back like I'm going to do.

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                      Nothing anyone has posted so far has corrected this problem for me.  I don't always get the message that my wireless connection is unstable, but I do see my wireless 'reconnecting' all the time.  This happens at my home and also at work where I work in a formal IT department with Cisco wireless routers and have never had a problem until my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  I even suspect it's somehow rebooting my wireless at home.  Most of my other devices at home since I bought this phone are having my home wireless connection dropping and reconnecting.  My family is about to kick me and my phone out of the house.


                      However, I was at a Best Buy this weekend and spoke to a Samsung Rep at a kiosk inside the store and he said that this issue was known and that there would be a major announcement from Samsung on February 24th.  He seemed to think it was the start of the KitKat rollout in the US, which is supposedly going to fix this issue, but again said the individual carriers will have their own timetable.  Was the Rep trying only to appease a semi-disgruntled customer?  That I don't know.  We'll have to wait and see.

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                        I've been having this same issue, it's driving me absolutely crazy. I'm tired of Verizon telling me that it's my wifi, if that's the case why is it happening with EVERY fracking wireless I connect to? This is to the point that I almost went over my 6gig plan which I have never done, all because the last update to my phone caused this problem. I can honestly say that I've had it up to here with your ****** tech support, your refusal to acknowledge and correct this problem and your **** outsource people that say to restore the phone to its original settings, reboot or your router is the problem and to buy a new one!!! I about to switch carriers and assist you in where this (removed) phone can be properly placed.


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                          Hard to believe that we still do not have a decent reply from VZW on this issue.... 


                          This report came out today.... based on what is happening on this particular issue... I am not surprised...



                          Report: Poor Customer Care Guilty for Up to 50% of Churn


                          Wed, 02/19/2014 - 11:27am





                          More than half of wireless customers say that poor customer care is the key reason for switching providers, according to a new study from Ovum.

                          The global study, commissioned by Tektronix Communications, surveyed 3,500 mobile subscribers across EMEA, U.S. and Asia-Pacific and found that 23 percent of mobile subscribers rated their operator ‘five out of ten’ or less for customer care. Additionally, the study revealed that 25 percent of respondents planned to switch providers in the next 12 months.

                          Those surveyed were least confident in a customer care agent’s ability to address poor network coverage. That was followed by a lack of confidence in the operator’s ability to deal with poor handset performance or dropped calls.

                          Please... one of you VZW Techs must get this message to your senior management team... it has gone on way too long... we need answers today....


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