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    Pix Flix Messages


      Since about 12pm ET today (1/7/2014) I've received eight messages directing me to go to a Pix-Flix Account because I have a new message. The exact text is: "You've got a PIX or FLIX message! To see it, visit www.vzw.com/newpix-flix-message from an internet accessible computer & follow instructions.


      First off, when I go to that site and try to set up an account it tells me that service is no longer around and I need to set up a backup-plus plan, so I really hope this isn't a bait-and-switch because I will report it. Secondly, I have a Galaxy S4 which is more than capable of receiving picture and video messages, so why am I getting these texts? They're spammy and disruptive.

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