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    How do I access pix or flix


      I just received a text message stating that someone sent (can't tell who) a pix or flix message and directing me to www.vzw.com/newpix-flix-message. I go to this link and get an error that I can't access it because it is being upgraded to cloud and i have to set up an account. I go thru the process of setting up the account and adding it to my service bill and then try the link again. Now it just takes me to a page that says I have to log in to access the content even though I am logged in. I log out and log back in - takes me back to step one of creating an account, How do i access this content and why is the picture going here instead of just coming in via text like all my pictures always have? How can I find out who sent this so I can tell them to just text me photos and not go through this ridiculous service or whatever it is? thank you

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          I just got the same thing, but it looks like the text came from my own number.  Went through the same process you just did with the same results.  Was curious too since I've never received this message before and am able to get picture texts.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Hi nemsley,

            I understand wanting to find out who sent you the picture message. Have you checked your usage details on My Verizon to see if you can find the specifics? The website you mentioned is our picture messaging portal, which you can reach at www.vzw.com/picturemessaging Sometimes, the link in the text message may not direct you to this website I mentioned above, which will display any of your picture/video texts. Please let us know if this helps.

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