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    Canceling phones that are month to month


      I recently moved to Florida and the area where my home is has no Verizon coverage, I've called repeatedly asking is there anything that can be done and have got nothing but RUDE customer service and tech support people.  One guy told me, When you got your service in NY you had no problem,  we didn't tell you to move to Florida! 

      So on that note, plus many more rude sales and service reps we are going to AT&T


      My question is this...We have 4 smartphones on our account, two are month to month and two phones the contract ends on February 3rd.

      Can we cancel the two month to month phones and not be charged early cancellation even though one of the phones that is month to month is my husbands and hi name is the lead name on the account.


      Curious how this works, after MANY years with Verizon, I just can't believe how rude their customer service is and they have the authority to speak like to customers.  I've never had a problem till now with Verizon so I never had to call them, sad so sad.

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          You can cancel the lines that are out of contract without having to pay any ETF.  However, as Verizon does not prorate the monthly service charge, it might be advisable to cancel on or slightly before the cycle end date as you will be responsible for the service charges for the full month regardless.


          Note that each line is treated separately with its own contract end date.


          You will have to call Customer Service or visit a Verizon corporate store as you cannot cancel online.


          If you are going to port any of the lines to another carrier, do not cancel them first as you will lose your phone numbers (if this is important to you.)  Simply go to the other carrier and have them initiate a port request.

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            Thank You, I just can't believe how their CSR's are permitted to speak like that.  I only have one more month left on two phones and the guy my husband s/w this morning said to him, there is no one above me lol  so my husband said, you mean you're the CEO?   He said to him, I am flagging your account and writing that no one is to cancel your account. I have a month left, I've been calling your company for weeks with no resolution, another month because you don't care about your reputation isn't going to kill us.