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    Verizon Wireless Customer Service


      I am writing this to warn customers seeking wireless service to avoid Verizon Wireless like the plague.  I will admit that I get better reception with Verizon than I did with my previous carrier but my previous carrier more than made up the difference with customer service.  I became a Verizon customer in June of 2013 and placed 3 lines on my account.  One being the Galaxy S4.  Three months into the contract my device began acting up and I took it back to the Verizon store and to my surprise they said sorry we can not help you it is a Samsung issue.  So i called Samsung and they told me to take it back to Verizon and tell them that the phone was still under contract and that it needed to be replaced.  Well the readers digest version is I played phone tag between Verizon and Samsung for about 2 months and finally my Samsung phone got so hot (while I was talking on it I might add) that it looks like thousands of tiny little cracks are on the inside of it and now the device will no longer work.  I took it to Verizon once more and told them that I needed a phone because mine no longer worked.  They told me no that I needed to send it off to Samsung for repairs ( Still no Phone ).  I contact Verizon support on the phone and the operator was very, very rude and told me that I could send my phone in and they would send me a replacement, but that he could guarantee that my phone would be found to have either water damage or physical signs of abuse ( these calls are recorded by the way so they can listen to the call if they want, they dont have to take my word for it).  My phone neither has come into contact with water nor has it ever had any physical abuse.  I was told that once they received my phone that they would find damage and would bill me the full retail price of the replacement which was 699.99 plus tax.  He had me so scared at the end of the call that as soon as the replacement arrived I simply returned it to them.  I cant afford that.  So now I am stuck with a loaner phone from Verizon that is in no way comparable to the S4 that I paid for.  They told me that I could borrow it for two weeks and then I would have to purchase a new phone out of pocket but they could give me a 300.00 credit which would make the phone 399.00 plus tax.  OMG my phone is still under warranty.  I am not asking for anything free, I just want my phone fixed under the warranty.  Verizon is always there for you when you want to give them money or need to buy something, but try to get an answer or help with returning something.  Try to get help when it comes time to need warranty work or need help with anything other than giving them money.  I can not wait until my contract is up so that I can get out of their grasp and with another carrier that cares about their customers.  All of this could be fixed with them simply exchanging my phone.  they are letting something that simple knock them out of future business.

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          Bottom line is the original phone can be replaced under the one year manufacturer warranty. You call verizon and they send you a like device second hand. You send the broken one back, now if its found to be broken through neglect or a water sensor is tripped, they bill you the replacement cost. However you will have a replacement phone and you can go to small claims court to recoup your charge for the device.


          Most times there is no problem with the return and all this is moot. But you were given the procedure. Its up to you to accept the risk. Or not.


          Good Luck