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    Security/Calls and Services Code for Pantech Hotshot


      I have been trying to get assistance with this issue from Verizon on and off for more than six months, and am so disgusted by the absolute unwillingness to help me displayed by Verizon that I can't think of anything that would motivate me to continue service beyond the contract end date.


      I want to be able to utilize the security options on the device to restrict outgoing calls and messages being made by an unauthorized person on my phone. This feature is standard on even the most basic phone models by virtually ALL mobile service providers.


      However - when I follow the instructions to access the menu to select these settings, I am confronted with a request for a 4 digit "Calls and Services code". According to ALL printed and online information from Verizon, the default pin is the last 4 of the phone number. As I have NEVER been able to access the Calls and Services menu to ever even set up a pin, then the last 4 of phone number default should be the only possible code.


      But the phone rejects that PIN. As it also rejects the PIN I established under Security/Phone Only.


      So, Verizon folks - can anyone tell me WHAT THE $%# I AM SUPPOSED TO DO NOW???

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          Wow! I am very sorry to hear of your frustration to get this item fixed. We can reprogram your phone so that it will reset any lock codes that may have been set. If you can dial the following number on your phone *22899 send and let the phone reprogram.  Once that is done the phone should shut off and turn back on. You will not lose any information stored on the phone. By doing that reprogram it will auto default the code to the last 4 of the telephone number. I hope this helps.

          Thank you,

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            Robin - thank you for the response, but unfortunately it did not work. It

            reset the '"Phone Only" lock code, but I still receive the 'Incorrect Code'

            error message when I try to access the "Calls & Services Code".  This is

            important to me because I am unable to prevent anyone who picks up my phone

            from making calls, changing settings, etc by setting security measures

            against it.  That has been a standard feature in wireless phones for many

            years now, and even the most basic phone models allow for this.  So I am

            perplexed about why I am unable to do so with this phone.



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              Hi craigsbc,

              Thank you for keeping us updated. What make and model phone do you have? If anything, a full reset of the phone should allow us to reset any codes in the phone.

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