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    i cant get email


      every time it asks me for verification for email account is needed to update your email accounts from verizon server.

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          However your posts does not contain enough information to actually answer but I will try.


          What email account? Is is Outlook, Hotmail, GMail,Yahoo Mail, or a ISP pop3 email account?

          The native email app on these devices are totally useless and unreliable. If you use any or all of the above go to the Google play store and download the stand alone email app.


          Now if on the mail program on the device is an ISP email you need to go to your ISP and get the proper POP3 and SMTP settings. Places like Road Runner, Comcast, Verizon FiOS, NetZero have these MOBILE email settings to set up and use your email account. Call the ISP they will assist you. Remember many times mobile devices have different settings from your home email or web client.


          Good Luck

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            its says verification for email accounts is needed to update your email accounts from Verizon server. skipping this will remove all email accounts. it does this every time i check email. and when i do verify there is no email in inbox.

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              Please go back up and read my whole reply to you.

              Then reply back with the information I asked you for. Thanks

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                challenger1150- Which email account are you referring to? ie: Gmail, yahoo, aol etc. Also, let us know which device you are using. For general troubleshoting, try to remove and readd the meail account. Make sure you have valid credentials by signing into the email on a computer (if you can).

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                  It's the email that came on the phone. Its a LG lucid 2 .I got the app for yahoo and am using that now. I just liked the other one more.



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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    Hey there challanger1150,

                    I'm sorry for hear about the issues that you are having with setting up your e-mail account. Sometimes the specific e-mail providers app, such as the Yahoo one you are using now, work a bit better than the native app since they are designed specifically for that provider.

                    Did you try removing and readding the account? Does the issue persist?

                    Please keep us updated with results.

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                      it stared working again last night. now i have 2 emails accounts on the phone. the native one and my yahoo app. both are getting my yahoo mail. should i get rid of one of them if so how do i do that. thanks for the help.



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                        Get rid of the native email. Just go into settings, in email select delete account. You can find this information in your owners manual.


                        Good Luck


                        PS the Yahoo Mail app works much better and is more stable. Keep it.