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    Verizon Edge Plans


      So yesterday I decided that I was going to pay my edge plan in full. So I paid the $615.00 and then asked if I could either redo a contract because I wanted a smaller phone, I have the Note 3. They told me I was not eligible for an upgrade until 2015. In order at that time for me to keep my number I would have to buy another 650.00 phone at full retail price to get a new phone. So, $1265.00 + Taxes, and a $35.00 activation fee let's not leave that out  >>removed<<! Later, I got a new device. Apparently no one has ever paid there device in full under the Edge plan. I was told after 2 hours of haggling customer service it would be Thursday before they can give me an answer to rather or not I can do the upgrade. Another option the guy gave me was to trade in the phone that I just basically paid full price for, he said they only way you can edge another device is to trade in your old phone and you can get a new phone and start over again. So I was like I just paid full price for this phone, I felt like if I was going to trade my phone in I should get the new phone free. I got ******* big time. I swear if it wasn't for my job I would have walked across the street and went to AT&T. I was fortunate enough to be able to sell my Note 3 on eBay for about 60.00 less than what I paid for it. I still didn't want to pay full retail for a new phone.  My advice is if you ever edge a phone just don't pay it off because their system isn't set up for that, per the retail salesman. I would love to be able to take this phone back and do a contract and get a refund for 400.00. That would be nice. So my new year wasn't happy at all. Thanks Verizon, you never let me down when it comes to money.



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          Evidently you did not understand how the edge plan worked. The whole process is for you to get a new device every year or less as long as you paid half of the device off and then trade in your old device. Why would you then pay full price? You meet fifty percent of the qualifications you paid more than half the device off, but the time to trade in for yet another device is still in affect. You should have used the device payment plan instead. Pay off device, under no contract and you could get any phone you want under that plan again at anytime.


          In this case there is no reason to blame Verizon Wireless. You chose the wrong plan.


          Good Luck

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            Still doesn't justify why I couldn't get another phone under a new edge or contract? I don't like owing people money that's why I decided to pay it off. I'm not sour about that I sold the phone on eBay. I got my money back for that. So being that the phone was paid off for some reason the retail guy wasn't able to get me into a new contract using the same number. And he wasn't able to get me into a new edge plan. Because on my account it still shows that I'm not due for an upgrade until 2015 I guess they never expected me to pay it off? Supposedly Thursday I can take the new phone back for a refund and then start over with a phone at a contract price or a new edge plan. Apparently Verizon 3rd parties there financial service to another company and they are closed for new years. After they see the payment is paid then they notify Verizon so that they can change my status. I took a lot of phone calls to get an answer why this happened. So I felt like OK if I pay this off I'll be done with this and I can move on to a new phone. I get the pay 50% it's a rip off why pay 300.00 for a phone then trade it in for another phone after you put down a start up price? It's like leasing a car you lose money either way. Verizon probably only pays lets say 50.00 for a new iPhone from apple I'm just spit balling a figure then they charge us 650.00 for it. My father owns a Honda dealership. I know not to lease a car. Yes I made a bad decision, I was not told at the time that I could pay 1/2 of the phone. But if you decide to keep it you still end up paying full price. 

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              With Edge as you found out to late there are contracts. I also pay full price and owe nothing. But I am just walking into the store, picking out the phone I want and pay full price then take my old device off and have the new one activated on my account. No contracts.


              Now you could have just used the device payment plan and paid over time, no contracts, and as soon as you paid it off you can then activate the payment plan once again. But we live and learn.


              Yes the edge plan is just like leasing a car, I remember reading that analogy somewhere else.

              Leasing is good in some ways since with today's warranties most if not all is covered in full, even oil changes and tire rotations and car maintenance is covered in full. Then in two to three years the process starts all over again. Its a good deal with the no money down at signing leases, total protection packages, and low monthly payments. So its getting better.


              I buy my vehicle outright, but with the six years sixty thousand bumper to bumper warranty its still in force when I buy my new one every five years.

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                I would be curious when you entered into your 1st Edge agreement. Did you review the terms of the agreement? The Edge terms state you would not be eligible of another Edge agreement for 6 months. Has it been 6 months? Doubtful, since Edge only started in September of 2013.


                So what part of the Edge agreement would lead you to believe you would be eligible BEFORE 6 months had elapsed?


                Of course, since you don't like to owe people money, why would you want to enter into another agreement which would have you in that type of situation?


                Seems to be quite a lot of disconnects with your story.

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                  I don't mind being in a contract. I just didn't want to be out another 650.00 this week. I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. I would rather pay 199.00 and have normal service vs paying 650.00 and still paying for normal service. I guess where you see disconnects is your opinion. It's hard to explain, I guess. I'm still sticking to my plan by returning it Thursday. Verizon gives me 20% off of my bill being that we have several thousand Verizon phones at my company. It's a small token but I'll take it.

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                    Then why did you sign up for an Edge plan to start with?

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                      Because I had an apple phone and was wanting to try an android phone and at the time I was thinking well if i don't like it I can buy it out right and still keep my number, because usually when you buy out your contract to keep the number you have to sign another contract until its been fulfilled then you go month to month. I went back withe apple phone because the note 3 was too dang big for me.