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    Galaxy S3 4.3 Update - Bluetooth issues - "Unfortunately, Bluetooth Share has stopped"


      Sorry in advance for the long post!


      I have a 2014 Subaru Forester with the Harman Kardon Navigation Stereo.  I also have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 (not-rooted) phone.


      In the past few months, the stereo and phone would pair with no problems.  The Phone, Bluetooth Audio and even the text message feature worked.  Remember, this feature (texting feature with the stereo) WORKED with the phone on 4.2.  This feature would retrieve your texts and would actually play them for you.  Very nice feature.


      I received the 4.3 Jelly Bean update when it came out.  With this new update, the text feature does not work and actually crashes the Bluetooth service continuously.


      Here are the details if anyone is interested:


      With the new phone software, I deleted the phone and re-PAIRED the phone to the stereo.  The stereo (and the phone) asks for permission to download phonebook and call logs.  I accept and all is good.


      The phone then prompts saying "CAR MULTIMEDIA would like access to your messages and message list" (or something similar).  I accept.  THEN, every 1-2 minutes the phone will report "Unfortunately, Bluetooth Share has stopped."  All you can do is click OK on the phone.  It COMPLETELY resets the bluetooth connection, drops calls and re-PAIRS the phone. This repeats continuously and makes bluetooth unusable!


      I have tried WITH and WITHOUT Bluetooth Auto Connect App.  Same results.


      As a workaround, I delete the phone and stereo bluetooth connection on both devices.  I re-PAIR the phone, and ACCEPT the "Phonebook and Call log" request, but I CANCEL the request to access messages.  Once I do that, the bluetooth remains stable ... BUT now I don't have access to the texting feature I began to really like.


      More details:  I called Verizon and got to Tier 2 supports (whatever that means) and the very nice woman tried to help out.  We did a few things that didn't help.  She said she would call "Samsung" (maybe she did, maybe she didn't).  She called me right back and said that Samsung is aware of the issue and that some stereos are not compatible for all bluetooth features and the stereo would need to be updated (yeah, right!).  I told her it worked fine before VERIZON/SAMSUNG update so I am thinking THEIR software broke it.


      She then said she would call my local Subaru Dealer and she DID.  She said that the service department could perform an upgrade!  So, I called the Service Department and reached the woman that spoke to the Verizon Rep.  She said that it was not that simple (as I thought) and they don't simply "update individual stereos" for customers for bluetooth functionality.  Also, she said that since it worked in the past with a different phone software version, that Verizon should NOT have passed the buck off on Subaru.  I agreed.


      Also, i spoke with a Samsung Customer Support person and they eventually told me that this would have to be brought up with Verizon as the app (Bluetooth Share) is part of their agreement to provide service (or something like that).


      Anyway, that is where I stand.  I am going to try to go through Verizon again and elevate it ... just not today.  It was frustrating to say the least.


        Again, Sorry for the long post!

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          Just wanted to add an update.


          I completed a "HARD RESET" of the phone.  That was not fun but not entirely painful either.  I got my settings and apps back within a couple of hours and like the fact that I was able to "clean up" my phone by picking and choosing my apps again.


          BUT, with the HARD RESET, the problem above still exists.  Has anyone else seen issue where "Unfortunately, Bluetooth Share has stopped" occurs and breaks bluetooth.


          I have confirmed this is ONLY when my bluetooth car stereo tries to sync text messages.  It worked when the phone was Android 4.1.2.  But does NOT work now that it is 4.3.  I have to disable this feature in order for bluetooth to remain stable.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            e-ec-ecu, thank you for all the details. The more the better. I would like to ask you this actually. Are you able to connect any other phones with your Subaru Forester? I know you stated that you have already tried a hard reset, so I'm not going to have you try that again. But let's try this, got into Settings>Application Manager>Slide the screen to the left to get to "ALL"> look for "Bluetooth Share" tap on that> once opened try "force close" and "Clear Data". After you try that, power of the device leave off for a good 5-10 seconds, power the device back on an re-try the connection. Keep us posted. Hope it connects and stays connected.


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              Thanks for the reply.


              First, I have not tried to connect any other phones to my Subaru Forester, but I actually don't have any problems connecting my Verizon Galaxy S3.  The problem arises when the Stereo tries to interact with the phone's messaging profile.  Message Access Profile (MAP) allows for text messages (SMS) to be used through bluetooth.


              Second, I performed the hard reset this weekend, but decided to give your possible solution a try just a few minutes ago.  Nothing changed.  The phone connects perfectly fine.  The phone asks for permission for my stereo to connect to my Call Logs and Address Book (PAB Profile).  I grant that permission and everything works fine.  Then, the phone asks for permission for my stereo to connect to my messages (MAP Profile).  I grant that permission .... and within 1 minute I get the dreaded "Unfortunately, Bluetooth Share has stopped" message and it disconnects and reconnects all Bluetooth.  The cycle continues.


              But, If I do NOT grant access to messages when it asks for permission to connect to my messages (I hit CANCEL on the phone when it prompts for permission), bluetooth remains stable and usable .... without the extremely convenient feature of SMS texting interaction.  I can continue to make and receive calls via bluetooth AND use the bluetooth audio to play music from my phone.


              MAJOR POINT TO REMEMBER:  EVERYTHING worked prior to the 4.3 (Jelly Bean) update.  Bluetooth Phone, Bluetooth Audio and Messaging all worked.  Same car, same stereo, same phone ... but now I have NEW phone software.


              The feature, when it worked in 4.1.2, allowed me to interact with my text messages via the stereo.  The car stereo would announce when a new message had arrive and it would even audibly "read" the message to me.


              Thanks for helping me with this as I truly love(d) the phone and the interaction with the car, but now feel like I am getting the runaround from Samsung, Verizon and Subaru.  I do NOT think Subaru has anything to do with this since it worked prior to the 18th of December when the 4.3 update was pushed. 


              Samsung says the Bluetooth Share app is a part of Verizon's support package and can only be supported by Verizon.  Verizon says the car stereo needs to be upgraded, which makes no sense at all since it worked three weeks ago with the same car and stereo.


              Thanks again.

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                The protocols might have been updated on the phone, but are now outdated on the vehicle. Since they no longer match, they are having difficulty communicating.


                Have you tried removing the bluetooth profile from the phone and vehicle and attempt to re-pair them?

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                  Yes, I agree.  Software on the phone was updated (likely, Bluetooth Share) and it has now become incompatible with my stereo.  That is what I am trying to solve.


                  I hesitate to use the word "outdated", as software development and improvements should incorporate "backwards compatibility" as much as possible.  Simply upgrading a piece of software should not make all previous versions/protocols obsolete.


                  Also, I have removed and re-paired the bluetooth connection nearly 20 times trying to solve this one.  I have removed devices from each component (car and phone).  Wiped Cache, Cleared Data for "Bluetooth Share", "Hard Reset" ... you name it, I have tried it.


                  In all reality, I simply want a bug report sent to Samsung/Verizon so that someone will acknowledge that there is a problem.  Whether they fix it with a patch or not, is up to them and the number of people affected (obviously, not too many).

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    e-ec-ecu We appreciate you for notifying us about the bluetooth/texting issue with your car stereo.  At this point, you have tried all of the troubleshooting steps possible. We are not sure that this is an issue with your phone, but I recommend contacting Samsung to further discuss the issue. Contacting the device manufacturer directly would be a great way to find out what going on with the feature. Please keep us posted.  888-987-4357.

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                      Thanks for the reply.


                      I will contact Samsung again.  The first time I contacted them, they informed me that the app causing the problem "Bluetooth Share" will have to be supported by Verizon.


                      I will contact them again and hopefully have better luck.

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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        Thanks for the additional details e-ec-ecu. I know its upsetting to enjoy a service and then to have issues with it. Having new software can be great for a phone because it helps correct minor issues on the phone and adds some additional options. At times some features that use to work with your phone may not work when software is added to the device. We are here to help with steps for connection and trouble-shooting to correct issues with your internet, calls, data, and accessories. I'm sorry we are unable to correct the issue with your bluetooth on the car but you will have to contact your car manufacture. Have you had the phone replaced? This would be the last step if you're under warranty.


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                          My device is over a year old so I am no longer under manufacturer's warranty.  I do have the Total Equipment Protection through the Asurion’s Wireless Phone Protection.  I doubt I will be able to get it replaced with this plan ... and I don't really want to pay the deductible for a single feature.


                          As for contacting my car's manufacturer ... I HAVE.  They have stated that the stereo is capable of MAP (Message Access Profile) ... AND the fact that it worked prior to the Android upgrade to 4.3 proves the software problem is with the phone.


                          I will contact Samsung one last time.  Otherwise, my contract is up in July and I can either upgrade phones and hope it works ... or look at other options.


                          Thanks for your time.

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