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    Blank text from suspicious email address



      I just received a blank text message from (removed).  This is an email address that I do not recognize, and the fact that the text was blank makes me even more suspicious.  I opened the text but did not respond.  Should I be worried and/or alerted that my phone's security has been compromised?  I have many personal things on my phone (texts, access to email, online shopping) and am nervous that someone else may have access to that as well.



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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          We can never be too careful or cautious now days em02587. I'm sorry for the suspicious text message. If you feel this is some type of spam/ scam, you can forward text to 7726, (SPAM), which will initiate an investigation. However, VZW will not contact you about this, as it'll be an internal investigation.

          Hopefully this takes care of things!

          Thank you,

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