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    The Data usage on my Jetpack 4G LTE Hotspot is Outrageous


      I purchased my Jetpack back in late October to free up my Razr Maxx HD and not use the Razr as a Hotspot. I would leave my Razr on as a Hotspot for 6-10 hours at a time about 8-10 times a month watch you tube videos, music videos, google this google that and by the end of my cycle I would be scrambling to use up 4gb of data on my laptop. Since getting the Jet Pack I have upgraded twice to avoid data overages though I reduced my usage from the Razr Hotspot norm. I am now on a 10 gb plan and used it today for the first time in the new cycle for a total time of about 45 minutes laptop usage googled this and that sent a 32kb word file and 1 minute of a you tube video and I AM ALREADY AT 2 GBS!!!!!!!!!  What gives! I've read a number of VZW forum posts on this and NO SOLUTIONS FROM VZW! Can I get out of this insanity of a Jet Pack contract and go back to just using my Razr Hotspot? I don't want to just pull the guts out of the Jet Pack and get charged monthly for something I will NEVER NEVER EVER USE AGAIN!

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          John Getzke



          All VZW devices have a 2 week trial period where you can return or terminate the service for no fee.  Anything beyond that and you will have to pay the ETF.


          Unless you can prove there is an issue with the service or a defect with the device then VZW will require you to pay the ETF to get out of your contract.  High usage is not a problem that you can very easily prove is VZWs fault. 

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            I used to use Sprint MIFI unlimited data.  It worked great and I never used more than 5GB per month and that is using my computer all day long.  With all the upgrades to the towers at Sprint I NO longer had data service at my home location.  I do not have a land line to use.  I switched to Verizon Jet Pak and get Good Data service.  Only problem is that it eats up more Data usage than I can possible use at a time.  Two days ago I used almost 5GB in a matter of a few minutes.  Something is terribly wrong. 

            I called Verizon.............of course it is my fault that I used that much Data.  Someone else must be using my computer is their answer.  There is NO one else to use my computer and I have my computer set to not run any updates.  I take my computer to the Library to do updates.  I also have security on my Jet Pak.

            I got not where with Verizon.  They said they would be happy to help me up my usage plan.  Of course they would be happy to.  They will not try to help me resolve the problem.  Said there is not a problem as their system shows I am using all the data.

            I had no choice but to up my plan.  What a shame to steal from your customers without even trying to help them.

            I now use my computer very sparingly and feel like a prisoner to my Verizon Jet Pak.

            It always provides good service but it is stealing data from me.

            Anyone have any suggestions?  Verizon is not willing to help, only wants more money from me per month.