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    Mobile Data not working after 4.3 update


      Ever since I received the 4.3 update to my Galaxy sIII my mobile data has not been working. I got my gps to start working after the update by removing the battery and sim card for a few minutes before rebooting my phone. When my data is turned on it doesn't show up in the notification bar at the top of my phone, and i am unable to connect to the internet. I've rebooted my phone several times and uninstalled any apps that may have affected it. I have made sure the settings are correct (as far as i could find) for mobile data. My family has 3 Galaxy SIIIs and we have all encountered the same problems. Anyone have any suggestions?

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          this happened to both of my S3's last night as well. When it did finally come back after about an hour or 2, it said we had 3G. Then a couple of hours later we had 4G again. It might have just taken time to complete, but our's finall came back.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            We want your device to perform better after the update eReR18! Removing the battery and SIM is a good start. Are you receiving an error message when you attempt to use wireless data? What settings did you verify? Do you see a 3G or 4G indicator on the device? http://tiny.cc/rvge8w

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              Is there a fix coming out for 4.3 problems soon?  My Galaxy S3 is having all kinds of issues since up dating to 4.3. First the wifi keeps shutting off stating that it is either unstable or too slow.  Prior to up date it was running fine. So now my phone is always on data plan. Second the battery is being drained too fast. Normally, I can go a day to a day and half before needing to recharge but now half a day is as far as it will go. Internet use is quirky now and it randomly locks up and will not let me exit or refresh just sits there until I shut turn off the phone. Finally, randomly the flash is staying on or flashing. This up date is not helpful at all.  We need a fix for it!

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                I am having the exact same problems with the addition of battery overheating when wirelessly charging the phone.  The most significant problem is that of the inability to connect to WiFi.  These are the same issues which were noted after the update with the other carriers, and after one month of waiting with Verizon, the problems persist.  Disappointed and looking for a patch soon.

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                  I verified that mobile data is on and is set to global mode. I made sure I have the Verizon Internet access point in the settings. When data is on I don't see the data indicator at all and do not receive an error message other than I have no internet access. I have noticed that when I check for software updates the indicator shows up with 4G while it is checking for the update. That is the only time I have had the indicator show up after the update.

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                    You should have the data mode set to CDMA/LTE within the USA.

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                      That was one of the first things i tried. The default setting was global and it didn't make a difference in changing it to any of the other options.

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                        Really? Verizon Wireless is the worst. I have made over 8 calls to VZW and was escalated to a Technician in Network Support (above tier 2). They dispatched to a local technician to investigate.  Clearly there is more than one person encountering this problem.  I was walked through power cycling, re-seating the SIM card, and two, that's right, TWO factory resets. Customer Service could only say "I can replace your phone".

                        This issue was recorded in October, 2013 and caused Samsung to pull the update and issue a bug fix patch.

                        The phone works fine otherwise.  I think ALL Galaxy S3 users should complain, complain, complain. This after making us wait a month behind all other vendors and with no notice, WHAM your phone is relegated to a flip phone (only calls and text). This update has rendered my phone a dumbphone.  I am taking to the airwaves to blast Verizon Wireless everywhere I can so others don't fall into this trap and have a miserable Christmas because their phones don't work as advertised.

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                          I just fixed the problem. I noticed that whenever I tried to use the verizon mobile app it still worked, so I began to wonder if it was a problem with the account configuration. There was a content filter on my phone number that was causing problems. Before the update I hardly even noticed the filter, since it wasn't giving me any trouble. I fixed the problem by logging into the administrators account and turning off the filter for about 5 minutes and then turning it back on. I had to do it individually for each phone. I'm still confused as to why updating our phones would require us to reset our account filters but it did the trick. This is an awesome update I just wish it could have gone a lot smoother considering how long we had to wait for it.

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