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    Receipts for bill payment!!


      Does anybody else have an issue with receipts for paying your bill or am I the only one? I can only get a receipt once the bill is paid and if I don't hit print receipt I cannot go back in to get a receipt. I need my receipt and many times something has messed up and I couldn't print it for whatever reason so I couldn't get my receipt. What is so hard about having receipts available whenever? A payment history is not enough. My husbands work needs a receipt.

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          At verizon wireless web portal you can set up to have verizon wireless send a payment confirmation to text, and email. That is what mine does when I make a payment. You can go to this same portal and print out the bills which show the date you paid the invoice. As a last resort I believe if you go to a verizon wireless corporate store they can access your account and print out a receipt for you.


          Good Luck