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    ellipsis 7 wifi


      I'm trying to get my wifi set up on a new ellipsis 7 tablet.  When i enter my password the "Connect"  option stays grayed out.  It only allows me to press it when i have 5 characters in the password, but my password is longer.  not sure what i'm doing wrong...

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          Are you trying to set up WiFi via your home router? Are you trying to set up a hotspot on your tablet?

          If you go into your home wireless network I would first turn off the tablet. Then turn off your modem, then the router and wait a few minutes. Then first turn on the modem and let it completely cycle up. Then do the same for your router. Then last turn on the new tablet and let it cycle up completely. If you have the tablet set to on for WiFi you will see your wireless ssid you then click on your network name and then select its security protocol be it wep, WPA, wpa2 or wpsk etc. Then enter the pass code exactly (uppercase,lowercase,numbers exactly)


          If it connects and there is an option to save that profile then do so.


          If it is simply you trying to set up a hotspot, change the hotspot pass code to five numbers and letters.


          Good Luck

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            I'm curious if you were ever able to resolve this issue.

            I hae the same problem.  The "Connect" button only becomes active on the 5th, 10th, 13th, and 16th characters of the password.  It doesn't matter if I type the correct or an incorrect password.  I purchased multiple tablets and the problem mysteriously went away on 2 of them, but I can't get the others to work.


            I was on the phone with Verizon for hours and they even contacted the manufacturer, but they had no solution other than "take it back and get a new one".  Since this is happening on multiple tablets, I don't think it's a system defect, it seems like a software quality issue.

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              Hi Mottman


              The "Connect" button becoming active on the 5th, 10th, 13th, and 16th characters of the password is WEP security standard.


              WEP-64 :  5 ASCII chars or 10 HEX

              WEP-128: 13 ASCII chars or 26 HEX

              WEP-152: 16 ASCII chars or 32 HEX


              If your password length is not in the above table, please set the security type to "WPA/WPA2 PSK


              In case you are interested, following are links to additional information on Wikipedia.


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                Thank you for your response.  With a little additional research I had determined that was the case with WEP.

                However, the issue still remains, my password was 26 characters long and the Connect button would not become active.

                Due to some kind of magic I was able to get it to work on 2 out of my 5 tablets by adding the network manually, and for those the Connect button was active from the first character entry.  That method didn't work for the other 3 though.


                I just changed my Security Status to WPA/WPA2 PSK to solve the problem (and it's better security anyway).

                But the fact still remains the tablets appear to have an issue with WEP that I have never experienced on any of the other wireless devices in my house.

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                  Thank you for your update. We forwarded your feedback to the manufacturer and we appreciate your taking the time to share it.