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    Is iMessage data use or texting?


      Does iMessage go against data usage, or is it just considered texting?  I have a plan with unlimited texting, but minimal data, so do want to waste my available data on iMessage if it uses data.

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          i believe it's data, because only iphone users can use it, so i don't think it's actually like texting.


          edit: actually i believe it's both. if it's to another iphone, then data. if it's to a non iphone, then it's a text. that's my understanding, but i'm not positive.

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            It's mostly data.


            If you have iMessage activated, "texts" to iPhone users (who also have iMessage activated) will use data.  They will not count against a text message "allowance".  But they will count as data (albeit a small amount if you aren't sending pictures).


            Messages to non-iPhone users will be sent as SMS and will not count as data.


            You have the option to turn iMessage off if you are concerned about data usage. 


            Settings > Messages > iMessage > make the slider white instead of green.