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    iPhone 5 as a hot spot?


      Ok, so my wife and I have always used the Android systems for our smart phones.  We each have the internet package on our phones and until recently, we both had the hot spot on our phones.  Recently, my wife updated to the iPhone 5, and we can't figure out how to make it work as a hot spot.  Please help!!  We need internet at the house for the kids for school, and that is how our tablets and computer access the internet.  i work as a FF and work 24hrs shifts, so my phone is not always available.  How do we fix this??

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          hotspot its under general, cellular, then scroll down and it will say personal hotspot.  I do believe unless you have a qualifying plan the hotspot use must be active from verizon. I pay $20 for 2 GB of hotspot usage.  Good Luck