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    Home Phone Connect Alternates Blinking Red & Blue...& loses charge even when plugged in. Help Pls.


      Hi Y'all.

      I have two questions that I hope can get answered. Thx.!


      Home Phone Connect box which is always plugged into the wall. Suddenly the battery indicator started blinking red. I shut the power to the HPC box off and unplugged the power from the outlet and the device, unhooked the phone from the unit as well. I made sure the box's battery was in place by opening the back and unplugging the battery, waiting and then putting it back in. Yes I heard/felt the 'click' so I know the battery is in correctly. ~~ I then connected all back together and plugged it back in.


      My battery light was blinking blue. I let it blink blue for a couple of hours to let it charge.


      It's not charging even though it should be. I can tell because after charging for a couple of hours...the moment I pick up the handset & get a dial tone or try to make a call, the red battery light starts flashing.


      I've also tried pressed the On/Off button and turning the power off, waiting, and turning the power back on in an attempt to reset my device somehow. The same thing happened.


      Why isn't my HPC box holding a charge even though it's always plugged into the wall outlet (and the outlet itself is fine)?  Incidentally, I've noticed lately that the blue battery light was blinking a lot more than usual.   Thx.


      My second question is easier and shorter. :-)          I've noticed that recently, out of no where that it's like my Home Phone Connect connection isn't working nearly as well as it was working.   I get a lot of static/other sounds....or the person I'm speaking with gets a lot of static/other sounds....that while a connection seems good, all of a sudden it will be like.................like the signal has, mmmm, low power.   Like the signal is 'tired/exhausted'.  I don't know how else to phrase this.     .........Like the signal needs a coffee boost as it's weak.  ~~~ The strength indicator light has two or three champagne glasses lit; however I'm unable to maintain the 3rd champagne glass signal strength (I never could keep that one lit).


      Did this start happening to anybody else recently?


      Thanks for help folks!