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    Google Nexus 5?


      I like Verizon service, but I also really want to buy this phone.  I spoke to Verizon and Google, and it seems that the phone is capable of working on the Verizon network, but Verizon does not want it on their network, therefore Google didn't set it up to work on Verizon.  The hardware if compatible. 


      Verizon, if you read this, provide my cell/data service and stop trying to control what phone I can use.  I am tired of buying phones from you, only to have them left behind because you don't want to put the time and money into offering the latest update, which you have to do because you have modified it so it's unique to Verizon.  My phone is not that old, but I am already 4 versions behind on Android because you have failed to provide updates to it.  I don't want to void my warranty by rooting the phone, but I don't want all of your bloatware **** eating up space and memory.  I am an adult, not all of us want a deeper integration with Facebook.  I just want a phone that works, and have YOU provide me the network to run it on. 


      If Google can make a phone that retails for HALF of what your phones retail for...why is every phone almost $600 without a contract?  I don't want to be pushed out of my current data package, yes, I still have the unlimited package.  Please, stop dragging your feet and just offer a service.  Maybe if you spent less time modifying and selling phones, you could devote that time and money to expanding your networks and providing everyone with a superior service. 


      In short, stop blocking the Nexus 5, and let me choose what phone I want to use.  Thank you.

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          The Nexus 5 doesn't have all the radio hardware to run on the Verizon Wireless network.

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            Actually, it does have the hardware.  It uses WTR1625L, http://www.qualcomm.com/chipsets/gobi/rf-solutions/rf-transceivers.

            It will handle the bands that Verizon uses.  Verizon has blocked the Nexus, therefore Google had to disable those bands so that people couldn't use it on Verizon.  I imagine that it's because Google doesn't want to upset their partnership with Verizon.



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              It's a double edge sword. Verizon vs. T-Mobile. T-Mobile gets a lot of complaints and a lot of calls for tech help on devices they don't sell. You can't blame them, but a lot of their customers do. Verizon on the other hand should know their own devices and should know they work well on their network. If they don't they are to blame. Would you rather be to blame for something you have control over than something you are not? That's what it boils down to.

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                I understand that mentality, but for me, that's MY decision.  If it something goes wrong, then I talk to Google, who sells the phone.  I want a phone that doesn't come with all of the stuff that Verizon skins them with.  Also, I want to have more up-to-date software.  I think Verizon likes what they have now because they can choose not to update the software, which forces people to buy new phones more often.  My wife has a Google tablet that is 1-1/2 years old, but still gets the newer OS.  My phone is 1-1/2 years old and they just give up trying to keep it current.  I feel like it's just them trying to get more money out of me.  Personal choice is what I want.  A little less of their strict control over what I can use.



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                  That's what manufacturers want more than carriers. Think about it rationally. Carriers make the same amount of money regardless of what device you have. After 18 months of service you already paid off your phone. If you keep than phone for an extra year they make EXTRA money as they don't drop the price of the plan reflecting you paying off your phone(Verizon was sued and this is what was used in defense back in 1999 and reason why we have a diminishing ETF). Manufacturers on the other hand only make money off the sale of devices. They want you to upgrade. They'll always be a least 1 version behind.

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                    I wish the Nexus 5 would work on Verizon. They do currently have the best network for someone like me who travels a bunch.


                    However, my current "flagship" phone is 4 versions behind with NO official word on an update. That tied with blocking Google Wallet might be the last straw for me with Verizon.


                    I should also mention, I bought a Pebble Smartwatch instead of a Galaxy Gear from Verizon because my phone may never support it (even though Verizon still sells my model).

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                      I agree about the price of the plan not going down.  However, Verizon and the like are NOT paying the manufacturers full retail price for these phones.  They negotiate the price in bulk.  If Verizon actually sold the phone to you or I for the same price they pay for it, then your point would make total sense.  However, they want to show you and I the full retail price to discourage us from buying our phones outright, because 1) they do make some money off of them and 2) they get you locked back into another 2 year contract.

                      Google is still making money off of selling their phones, and they are offering the nexus 5 for $329, and it's the same basic phone as the LG G2.  Verizon make some money, locks you into a contract, AND they don't reduce your plan price after you pay it off.

                      That said, Verizon still has better service than most of the other carriers, but it really bothers me that they are strong arming Google into not making the Nexus available for Verizon.  I think you should be able to use any phone that you want, and Verizon can even tell you that if you have a problem with the phone, we don't support it short of getting it registered on our network.

                      I travel internationally a lot, and will probably move overseas in the next year or so.  I don't want to get locked into another 2 year contract, and potentially have my new phone NOT work in the country I move to.  That's what makes the Nexus so attractive to me, and it is frustrating that the hardware will do it, but Verizon doesn't want it so those features are not enabled.

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                        Nexus 4 shows how wrong you are. The Nexus 4 sold was $449.99 and $499.99 respectively from LG. Google sold it for less due to an agreement with LG since they helped LG develop the device. All devices from all carriers at that time were around that price if not cheaper.

                        Also if you looked at unlocked and unbranded device pricing they were around the price is the same give or take $50(which somewhat coincides with the MS royalties Android manufacturers have to pay for SD card slot and some other things). The the price difference isn't surmountable.

                        Just because phone parts cost $190 doesn't mean that's the actual value. You forget R&D, labor, storage, shipping, marketing, licensing/royalties, taxes/tariffs(varies by country), and overhead costs.

                        The the US we have arguably the cheapest phone prices for "high end" devices than any other country WITHOUT subsidiaries. You look at AT&T and T-Mobile boards people flock to the US for high end devices and fly back to sell devices at home and make mad profit.

                        What is perceived isn't always what is truly happening.

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                          I fully realize that just because a phone has $190 worth of parts, that this is not the cost to make it.  However, Google may be willing to take a small loss on the phones to get people to buy from the store, this would be close to what Sony PS4 and XBOX One do.  However, Google still doesn't give the phone away.  The fact that they are selling branded Nexus devices means that there is a profit in it, front end, back end, or both.  Either way, I seriously doubt they are taking a several hundred dollar loss just to put their device in your hands.  If the Nexus 5 sells for $300 less than comparable phones that Verizon offers, it's a stretch to believe that the other phone, with similar specs, costs that much more to make.  They are all made overseas.  The reason that it's cheaper to buy a phone here is that cell service overseas costs much less than what we pay.  I have been to about 40 different countries, and most of the non-european countries offer data services for 1/2 the cost of the US carriers.  Simply put, the people in those countries don't make what the average American makes per year, so they can't afford $100 a month for service.  I admit, they don't have the same speed or coverage that we have, Verizon has invested a lot in their network, because they can make that money from the service.

                          I have not purchased a phone overseas, I used pre-paid cards on cheap Nokia phones, but I think they want to make more profit off the device because they don't make the same profit margin off of the service.

                          Either way, I still contend that Verizon is behind the reason that the Nexus 5 won't work on their network, the hardware is there to do it. 


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