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    Change Plan?


      Why are there only unlimited talk/text plans available when I want to change my plan online?  I don't talk or text near enough to need to pay for unlimited.  I already switched it down to the lowest GB package because that's all I need.  We didn't have unlimited until about end of July/August this year because my husband moved to a different position and we were going to go over our limit with how much people were texting.  Let alone, when you get caught up in a stupid iPhone group chat you get every chat text sent to your phone which really didn't help.  He's deployed and therefore not even using his phone so I don't see a point in having to still pay for unlimited.

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          we do not use data but have to pay for it to get unlimited talk and text. i think

          this is unreasonable and unfair to people on social security and are veterans.

          verizon could help us older folks and support americans.

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            Agreed.  Their plans use to be more customizable.  Now the only options they're giving is Unlimited Talk/Text plus data.  I don't even have a smart phone, I have no use for data! 

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              I have been with Verizon for a good while , but I am going to look around

              for another company that might offer the talk and text unlimited without

              having to pay for data that we do not use.

              The bigger these companys get, they forget how they got to where they are.

              I told a lot of my friends to switch to Verizon because they had better

              service and prices. when you are on a fixed income, a cell phone is an

              expensive item.


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                the attached is a little misleading or is it just me..............they

                rammed the data thing down our throat

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  Hi jksault,

                  We would love to provide you with an explanation today! At this time we currently only offer our Share Everything Plans http://bit.ly/xdDajD. However, we do have the availability to change your allowance if you're still on our previously offered Nationwide Plan. To complete this change you would be required to visit your local VZW Store http://bit.ly/3SdsA or contact us at 800-922-0204 to discuss plan options. Do you recall what plan you're currently on? Please keep us posted, thanks!

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    We want you to have the most cost effective plan to meet your needs lawoman! I'm sorry we don't offer unlimited minutes and messaging without being on a share everything plan. We do however; offer a 65 plus share plan that is a great low cost option for individuals that meet the age requirement. Take a look here for more details. http://tiny.cc/dlsb7w

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