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    Verizon Ellipsis 7 Drivers


      Has anyone come across software drivers for the new Ellipsis tablet? I would like to connect it to my PC and run developer apps on it over adb. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck finding these drivers or found a universal driver that will allow Eclipse to recognize the tablet.



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          The drivers are on the tablet.


          Connect it to your computer.  When it connects pull down the top bar and you will see a message about how your tablet is connected.  Touch this message and a settings box will open.  At the bottom of the setting screen is "Connect as CD-ROM"

          select this choice.

          Now use Windows explorer on your PC and look for CD Drive : Toolkit or something like that.  The drivers will be there

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            Thanks for the info! It was a pain to install the drivers since there wasn't a digital signature with the files. In order to install the drivers i had to turn off that check by using the following steps:



            Enter command "shutdown /r /o /f /t 00"

            Click the "OK" button

            System will restart to a "Choose an option" screen

            Then select "Troubleshoot" from "Choose an option" screen

            Then select "Advanced options" from "Troubleshoot" screen

            then select "Windows Startup Settings" from "Advanced options" screen

            Click "Restart" button

            System will restart to "Advanced Boot Options" screen

            Select "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement"

            Restart & install drivers...


            I hope this helps others who experience a similar issue

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              Ziggyga, I don't see what you describe in the top bar. My ellipsis 7 doesn't show in Windows 7 Explorer although I do hear the audible "clunk" signal indicatiing Win 7 knows someting is hooked up, The top bar on the Ellipsis shows a matrix of options (same as always) but nothiing about connection, I opened "Settings" and looked under "Storage" and "About Tablet" but don't see anything like the "Connect as CD ROM"option that you describe. This is running ANdroid 4.2.2. I have newve enabled debugging, Any additional wisdom will b e appreciated.  

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                I've tried all of the above and also could not get an Ellipsis 7 to show up in Eclipse nor when entering "adb devices" from command line.


                I had Developer options enabled with USB Debugging turned on. The drivers are installed and it shows up as an "Android Composite ADB Interface" in the Windows Device Manager when the USB connection is set to "Built-in CD-ROM" or "Media device (MTP)".


                My solution to getting it to work was to download the latest USB driver through the Android SDK Manager. It is then only detected when the USB connection is set to "Camera (PTP)." Any other options will not show the device connected in ADB.

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                  @Ziggyga and @moberhausen: THANK YOU. You postponed my drift into insanity for another week or so!


                  MY GOSH, WHY did it have to be so hard to (1) turn ON Developer options (hit "Build..." seven times, indeed!!!) and (2) find stinkin' drivers. Oh--and (3) to install the stinkin' drivers!!


                  Even after following your WONDERFUL instructions, I STILL had to say (several times) that it was OK to install unsigned drivers. It seemed that the selective startup had no effect. (I forgot to "run as admin", though...)


                  Also, there's no "/o" option for my shutdown command in Windows 7, even if I go to DOS prompt as admin. I assume it's the way to make the options screen appear. No problem: I just hit F8.




                  I now have an Android app for two devices: my Razr M and the Ellipsis.


                  I already had the former; I would not have the latter except for finding your help.



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                    P.S. It was such a horrible experience for me that I documented just about every step I had to take. I summarized them here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24618149/android-studio-recognizes-one-but-not-another-connected-device


                    If any of my comments are incorrect, please advise.

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                      For anyone who is on windows 8+ (and possibly everyone else...) - the drivers included on the tablet won't work. Luckily, you can find one that WILL work, here...Adb Driver - Universal Android USB Driver You'll still have to reboot and disable signed drivers, but this one is the only one that will work if you've gone past Windows 7. Works on both 8.1 and 10 (tested it on 10 preview build today.)