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    Switched from iphone to Android - missing messages


      We switched my daughter's phone from and iphone to an old android (Thunderbolt) a couple of weeks ago.  Not all of her SMS messages are coming through to the Android phone.  I turned her iphone on, and connected it to wifi, and it picked up the missing messages. 


      I'm guessing that the missing SMS messages are going through Apple's iMessage, but I'm not sure.  Is there an easy way to correct this?








      I loathe Apple more each time I interact with one of its products.

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          Correct it how?


          To have previously sent iMessages forwarded to normal texting apps? Apple does not play well with other platforms, so you will not be likely to do so.


          To keep it from happening in the future? Turn off iMessage on any and all of your Apple devices so that the devices only use the normal texting avenues.


          I would also suggest subscribing your android devices and any Apple devices to Verizon Messages as this syncs your texts across multiple devices.