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    What is Unified Daemon(EUR) Process?




      After upgrading to Android 4.3 on my S4, I have noticed a process/application named Unified Daemon(EUR) which is using up a lot of data.  Does anyone know what this process application and does and how I can reduce the amount of data it uses?  It is eating up around 10-15% of my data each day.





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          Just do an online search for it. There's info available in other forms.

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            Really?  Thanks for the useful advice.  I searched everywhere before I posted and could not find a concrete answer. That's why I posted here to see if anyone else has a similar issue.

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              You can enable and disable this service by going to

              Settings-->Data usage --> (scroll down)--> click on Unified Daemon -->  (scroll down) --> "Check" Restrict background Data.


              I did this 2 weeks ago with no visible side effects.  Unified Daemon used about 608MB of data in 2 days.

              I still don't know what it is for. I'll continue the research and will post it up here if I'll find anything.

              I have a reason to believe that VZW installed something that internally  or virtual jacks up the data so we go over it.

              However that is just a theory, I could be wrong.

              All I know my data usage got stabilized after I did steps above


              Good luck!!!

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                It would be good to know what that is. I have it on my phone, but it's not currently running, and hasn't used any data.


                The Restrict background data that you check in that location is not just for that app, I think, but for all background data except when connected to WiFi. (On my S4, at any rate, when I tap any of the apps listed in Data usage and then tap Restrict background data, I get a warning that this "may stop apps that depend on background data working when Wi-Fi is not available," and suggests looking at individual app settings instead. This is basically the same warning you get when you tap the Menu key in Data usage settings and then tap Restrict background data.) But if you mainly connect over WiFi rather than 4G, you wouldn't see any effects.

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                  I tried this also last week, but my Yahoo Weather widget stopped working when not connected to Wi-Fi.  So after looking at some settings with Yahoo weather, I checked an option to Retrieve photos on Wi-Fi only and this seems to have reduced the amount of data the Unified Daemon (EUR) process is using.  I also unchecked the Restrict Background Data option and the usage is a lot lower than before.


                  The odd thing is that I have had this widget before the 4.3 update and I only noticed the high usage after the 4.3 update.  Not sure if the 4.3 update has changed the way Unified Daemon(EUR) is processing stuff.

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                    On Samsung Galaxy S4 go to settings, data usage and among the many apps that show, find the Unified Daemon(EUR) and force it to stop using 'background' to do it's deeds. Then only works via wi-fi and life is good.

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                      So I had +1GB of data used in two days when I was connected to wireless the entire time.  I went to the local Verizon store and they took the phone to the back for the tech to look at it.  He had to call someone and found out that Samsung has put this software on all S4 phones for all service providers, ATT, TMobile, etc. and hasn't told anyone!  It updates all your software 27/7 so it is constantly running and using data!!  I'm calling Samsung tomorrow to complain, let them know they should have notified customers and that I want $10 for a months worth of data.