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    iphone 5s data usage


      We have 3 upgrades available to us and are considering upgrading from 4 and 4s's to 5S.  Am now very concerned about giving up our unlimited data usage and $30.00 month data charge per phone to having to pay $40..0/month after reading relevant discussions on this subject.  I use my phone for video streaming and game playing as I travel a lot. I use about 2-3 GB a month. I'm afraid the iphone 5s 4g may extremely cost prohibitive.  If I use the iphone 5s the same as my 4s, what percentage should I expect the data usage to increase? If I can't use it the same way without drastic usage/cost increase then I would be better off keeping the 4s and unlimited usage plan. BTW my son has 4g LTE phone with AT &T and his usage did not increase much.  

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          To be honest, if the 4 and 4S are still meeting your needs, giving up your unl data plan just to have the "latest" i Phone isn't worth it, especially if you already upgraded to iOS 7.0.3. Its pretty much the same device without a few features like the finger scan, and a few other little improvements.

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            Verizon Wireless Customer Support

            Congrats on your upcoming upgrades EllaP. I cna understand the concern for cost and your data plan. UPgrading to the new iphone 5 will provide you with a richer experience because 4g does run faster and you have so much more on your phone to utilize that may increase the data. I don't want you to have worries. We have some awesome plans that will be great for you and your family. Check out the options here http://bit.ly/xdDajD and also perform a pricing plan analysis here http://bit.ly/xB4iTc . This will tell you which data plan may work best for you plus you can use wifi when available to prevent data usage. Also, the upgrade fee is the lowest in the industry plus it covers so many benefits that you use today. I hope this explanation was helpful and please let us know if you have any other questions about upgrading.


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              Thank you for your response Kinquana but you didn't address my question. If I have the same usage habits as I do now but with the iphone5 4g LTE, will data usage increase simply because its 4g.  Example: If I send a photo via email with 3G, will the same photo via email 4G use more data? 

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                I think that it depends on the size of the picture file, not the network you are on.

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                  I think Verizon only has shared data plans; then it may depend on how much everyone else is using on your shared data plan. I went from unlimited data, but before doing that, i went back and looked at my data usage and picked the amount of GB that would best suit me without running over the data. You can always buy the phone retail price, using the edge program and be able to keep your unlimited data if you really want a new phone, that's what my mom did.

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                    Don't do it! I went from using 2 GB a month to about 3 GB a week. I switched from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5s... I use the internet and everything the same amount as before. Everyone I know that had unlimited before (and only used around 2 GB a month) and lost it due to upgrading is now having to get a 12 GB data plan.

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      EllaP, sorry for missing that important point. 4G devices will utilize slightly more data than a 3G device based on the increased speeds of LTE. For your convenience, you may click http://vz.to/KBmvR7 to access our data calculator to give you a better understanding of how data is calculated.

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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        Pnhtricey, thanks for helping us support EllaP with information regarding data plan options. When upgrading to a Smartphone with promotional pricing, you have the option of adding a current data plan or switching to a Share Everything plan http://bit.ly/xdDajD  However, if you currently have the UNlimited data plan and purchase a device at full retail pricing; you will be able to keep that plan.

                        Please be advised that taking advantage of the Edge option, you will be moved to current data plan. For more details regarding the Edge option, click http://vz.to/17nFkEt

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                          Lasina, thank you for being forthcoming.  You answered and confirmed that 4g LTE does use a bit more data than 3g. TOO many people are reporting tremendous increases in data usage after upgrading to the 5s.  It also seems that when they report this to Verizon that they are told it is something the customer is doing that's causing the increased usage.  I can imagine how frustrating and upsetting it is to be told that but NOT know how to stop the increased usage .For now I will stay with my 4s and maybe check out another carrier since my son and his wife have the 5s with another carrier and they haven't experienced a big increase in data usage.  Thanks to all for your answers and comments.

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