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    pay as you go verizon or straight talk?


      I was wondering if anyone had some input for me. I am paying around $250 a month for 2 smartphones and wifi. I have the unlimited family share plan with 12G of data. I can't afford this anymore. I am thinking of switching to the pay as you go program or straight talk or something. But my contract on my lines don't end 2015. I can't afford to pay the early termination fees that will be close to $650 or so. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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          Do you have any friends which are interested in taking over your lines?


          Have you considered lowering your data consumption and your data allowance to something more manageable?


          Did you purchase all of the devices and enter into contracts on all of the lines at the same time? Each line has its own separate contract and unless all of the devices were purchased at the same time, the contract end dates would be different. Possibly you could terminate SOME of the devices in order to lower your bill and have an ETF which is more within reach?


          Good luck.

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            Our last option is to lose your valued business willie09! You deserve to have the highest quality service! Don't settle for anything less! We have lower cost options below 12GB. Have you thought about using wifi more often? I find this is a great way for me and my own family to save on using cellular data. http://bit.ly/xdDajD

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