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    Mifi hacked?


      I had a pop up message come up on my computer that an additional device had connected to my mifi device. My computer and my phone was connected and I knew this. But when I checked the mifi device it showed a third device was connected. I don't have a third device. Neither does anyone in my family.


      I assume this means I was hacked.


      Immediately googled online and was led to the page here at verizon where I could change my password for the device. I immediately did this and restarted the device. Now I only have my computer connected.


      Is there anything else I should do or could do?


      I also wonder what caused me to get hacked tonight of all nights, was it because I had the iphone connected? (I was trying to backup my iphone to the cloud, which was taking FOREVER. Perhaps I won't try that again!)



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          You may also view which devices are connected inside the Administration page at in your web browser.


          Make sure all your devices have a name and you will be able to determine fairly quickly if an odd device is connected because most times it will show the name as "unknown".


          You could also deselect the Broadcast SSID from the page so it won't emit a broadcast signal but experienced hackers may get around this as well.


          Make sure to change the SSID to something totally different than what is the default along with the password for the WIFI, remember the Administration password is going to remain the same as the default and has to be changed separately so be sure to do that as well.


          It's possible the hackers may be generating access codes due to the SSID name remaining the default for most devices and if you change it to something totally different that would mix up the attempt for them for a while.


          Other than that, change your password ever so often and pay attention now and again to what devices are connected.