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    Wrong Numbers Keep Calling Me


      Does Verizon wipe their phone numbers before giving them out? Ever since I changed my number, I have been getting the wrong numbers calling me and texting me. It is very annoying. Is there a fix to this?

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          You could simply change your number again.

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            I thought about that. But that means giving it out all over again and learning a new number etc. Plus I don't want to continue having the bad luck of changing it again to another ****** number. The first number I had was a number that people kept calling trying to reach someone. It was worse than what's going on now with this number.

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              I think there is a capability(Do Not Disturb) on the iPhone which will only allow numbers in your contacts to be able to call you. You may want to try that.

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                Yeah, but what about like companies or something that need to contact me for business ...  I think most people after they have called are getting the picture that they have the wrong number. My first number was a lot worse though, people would call almost everyday asking for someone named Heydi.

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                  The wireless provider can't "wipe" a phone number in such a way that you'll never get a "wrong number" call.  If anyone has ever used that phone number for a service that has turned into a debt, that debt collector will continue to use that number to try and reach that person.


                  Your best bet is, if you keep getting wrong number calls for that person, to ask what number they're trying to reach.  If it is, indeed, your number, explain that you're not that person, you don't know that person.  Explain that this is a new phone number you just received, and that you'd appreciate it if they'd stop calling for whomever they're asking for.  If you're polite, calm, and respectful about it, they're more likely to believe what you say than if you're rude and grouchy.  After all, when a debt collector reaches the person who owes them money, that person is likely to be rude.    


                  And if all else fails, save the number of every call you get for that person in your phone contacts list, and select the option to block the caller.  You might end up with a thousand entries for it, but eventually you'll have all the lines that the collector(s) use to do the outbound dialing.

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    Pnhtricey, we want this to get better for you. Mobile numbers are recycled after six months of being disconnected. As a result, it is very possible to continue to recieve incoming calls for the previous person that it was assigned to. We apologize for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you.

                    You have the option of changing your mobile number at no charge again if you would like here: http://vz.to/13GMTJ6

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