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    iPhone 5s LTE Issues. Apple Problem??


      First I had the iPhone 5 and I was having LTE issues, returned it and they gave me another phone; still was having issues and then they changed the SIM card. Now I have since then returned that iPhone 5 in my 14 day window and got the 5s when it hit the shelves. I am back to having the same LTE problems. I went to the Verizon store today and all they did was reset the network settings. Big whoop. I could have done that myself without coming into the store. That only made my LTE disappear for hours and my phone was stuck on 3G. Do I need to take my phone to Apple in order to get some help with my LTE problems?


      I live in Hawaii and I do not expect full LTE capabilities at work due to all the military equipment around but when I'm at home or a friend's house, my LTE is pretty ******, it takes forever to load pages or load information when I am in an app. My LTE worked fine at work actually when I had the S4. Not sure if this is an iPhone thing or what but please someone assist. Why does my LTE only work in certain places?