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        Leigh here - Just adding my phone status for first time in this thread... to add to the evidence of this monumental upgrade fiasco:


        Status before upgrade:  Stable, fast, great phone in all respects.  Best phone I've ever had by far.


        Problems seen since upgrade:

        1. miserable wifi range

        2. SD card error msgs ranging from 'corrupted' to 'missing', which means all my data and apps stored on card are missing/grayed-out.  Bought new card, not recognized. 

        3. burns through battery at ridiculous rates sometimes, not others, maybe related to wifi issues many reported

        4. crashes/reboots went from never, to several times a day since the OS update.

        5. Now as of today, it won't even reboot to a somewhat useful mode of last few weeks, just gets to Samsung boot logo then crashes, repeat endlessly until remove battery

             5.1 managed to get it booted into safe mode today by holding the down-volume key.  Try to use anything... instantly crashes and goes back to #5, crashes-reboots endlessly.

        6. Hard reset is useless (and painful regards wasting my time)


        VERIZON - (1) Fess up that this has been a HORRIBLY flawed OS UPDATE, having NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR S4 HW. And then (2) tell us the OS SW FIX PLAN.  Don't tell us to hard reset we've already tried multiple times in many case, or get 2nd rate used down-rev'ed Refurbs as the sole answers, those are not the base cause of all these problems that cut across SO MANY S4 users.

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          Oh and another thing Verizon... IMPROVE YOUR QA PROCESS:


          1. do better testing with at least the most popular apps, not just VZW bloatware loaded.


          2. ESPECIALLY... do _beta_testing_with_real_users... before wide roll-out... use a willing to help community to everyone's advantage.

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            haha, trust me, I wanted to lose it ... but it does no one any good.


            What really angers me is the fact that I started a new thread, posting current status that Samsung has now acknowledged and is working (supposedly) on the charging issue. (Moderation discussion removed) ... quite odd to say the least.


            There's simply too much going on in this thread for new comers to see what has gone on thus far. This is just such a fiascal.


            Oh well, refurb #4 and #5 will be here tomorrow, can't wait to redo everything yet again!


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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              I'm sorry you don't feel our responses are helpful abean. If you have downloaded all the same apps after a reset, we may recommend a reset again. This is the final troubleshooting step before determining if a replacement is needed. It is very unusual to have that many replacements of the same make and model without success. What specific difficulties are you having with the latest replacement? You stated you ordered two more in your last post. Are you ordering these on your own from an independent source? If we deem a replacement is necessary, we send one unit and ask you to return defective unit. The device should only need to be replaced once, as certified like new units are of the highest quality.

              VZW Support
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                Yes, that's right, the TOS forbid any:

                "Discussions of moderator actions on the boards. If you need to comment on a moderator action, please private message any administrator/moderator."


                It's right in there between illegal activities and posting personal information.


                So if your post gets, um, "moderated," you're not even allowed to mention the fact. I don't think you'd even be allowed to say, "Thanks for deleting something that I carelessly and erroneously included."


                I appreciate the good and often thankless work that the VZW reps attempt to put in here, but really, heavy-handedness like this doesn't usually create customer goodwill. Oops, that sentence will probably get deleted. Oops, so will that one.

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                  Jonathan- We are not making this stuff up. Everyone has pretty much the same problems. It would be helpful, and probably stop a lot of the complaining if you guys just came out and said "We just don't know, but we are working on it".  That would suffice for now. Everyone knows these are not one off situations.  It has affected thousands.  There are thousands who are just suffering in silence. The proof is in the fact that A* T *&* T* has halted the 4.3 rollout.  I know in short order you will be editing my post so no one gets to see what I wrote.  For now, though, here is the information:




                  Hope everyone gets a look before I get deleted here.

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                    @JonathanK_VZW - Apps have nothing to do with this. Please read our posts before commenting. I don't know why I keep getting suckered into replying to the VZW reps when you all just ignore us and/or patronize us like we're all a bunch of dummies. You obviously have not read anything I've posted to date ... so please go re-read before commenting inappropriately again. If you have nothing worthwhile to contribute, please don't even bother commenting as we need people who can actually help.


                    To those of you who have missed it in all the mountain of posts here. The little I know among my many calls with VZW/Samsung is that Samsung is supposedly actively working on a fix. This was confirmed with the last Samsung tech I called as he was gathering information about my chargers and stated they are doing this across the board. I am supposed to be getting a call from both VZW/Samsung this week with additional updates as I've raised quite a stink requesting a move to a new phone ... not a new S4, but a different phone all together. This whole ordeal is absolutely pathetic in regards to the simple fact that neither company can man up and publicly acknowledge the issues at hand.

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                      Wow, VZW is (moderation discussion removed) where I'm providing updates from the manufacturer? Really!? We don't want the rest of the world knowing what's going on?


                      I think it may be time to abandon ship with VZW. Anyone else see that new Sprint $65 for unlimited everything plan? That sounds quite appealing vs. paying VZW twice as much for half the service.


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                        Well, I just hooked up refurb #4. Take a guess what happened? Yep, 4.3 started downloading itself ... I performed a force stop for now; however It's only a matter of time. I realize I can keep declining it, but sooner or later it's going to win.


                        Anyway, this was my boiling point. I called back to into VZW and spoke with a supervisor who was actually very understanding and took it on her own to follow up with their liaison to Samsung. She did find information that stated "Samsung is aware of the issue there is a new software SU4 rolling out as I read thru this report but we don’t know when." I am to receive a call back within a day or so to further understand what additional information they have and will share appropriately.


                        Over the past week, it's become quite apparent that there is more and more acknowledgement of the issue; however it's not official and there's no additional information to when we can expect resolution.


                        This whole thing has just been beyond frustrating. Personally, I have now hooked up 5 new phones, have called Samsung three times, Verizon ... 6 times? Spent over 10 hours on the phone and a good 6+ hours re-configuring these phones. Not to mention have lost 3 Zagg HD invisible shields throughout the process. To say the least, I'm burnt out and frustrated. I realize I'm probably coming off as dramatic; however we pay for a service that is not working as expected. Furthering that, it's simply the principle of the matter. I've worked in software development my entire professional career and anytime we release bad code ... we own up to it and fix it as soon as possible or at least provide an ETA. For both companies to sit by idly is maddening.


                        Pending on how these next few days ago, I am seriously considering cancelling my service and fighting the early termination fee so that I can pick up a Nexus 5 and head over to Sprint. I realize this isn't primarily Verizon's fault, trust me I get it; however it's a team effort and there are actions Verizon could take to help soften the blow (ie. shut off the update services, provide compensation, publicly acknowledge, etc.).



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                          And ... I'm super irritated already now that I'm using this phone, trying to ignore the update messages. It seems to be there every time I unlock my phone. Maybe I should go for another phone Verizon? Think that'll help? 6th time is the charm?

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