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    Multiple problems with S4 post 4.3 upgrade


      Hey all,

      I have two Galaxy S4's and BOTH are experiencing the exact same problems post 4.3 upgrade:

      - Official Verizon 2.1a car chargers no longer charge.

      - Bluetooth audio intermittently cuts out while playing music (local or streaming).

      - WiFi guest networks no longer prompt to login, have to disconnect/reconnect to get login prompt.

      - Unexplained reasons why network is switching between WiFi and cellular; however it's killing the battery.

      - SMS (google voice and native) no longer find contacts when searching for a name. Have to go to the contact and select a default # first.

      - General performance feels more sluggish than normal.

      I called VZW tech support and he stated no one else has reported these problems. I find it hard to believe that this isn't software related as two phones are having the exact same problems, post 4.3 upgrade. Prior to the upgrade, none of these problem existed. The tech stated next step would be to reset to factory, which while I don't mind doing, I just truly don't feel it's going to do anything once it's upgraded back to 4.3 and I'm just going to waste time.

      Anyone else having similar problems?   >>comment removed<<




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          Back on the phone with VZW now that I'm seeing others are having these issues, that and I got a text from the VZW rep. They have confirmed that they know of two of the issues:

          - Verizon car charger isn't working

          - Text messaging contact issue

          On hold to talk to Samsung now.

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            I have some of the same issues since the 4.3 update.  My wifi will now not work unless I'm standing on top of the router.  My son's s3 has very strong 7 mbps and mine right next to it has weak and 1 mbps and I'm only 10 feet from the router.  Also my Verizon charger quit working on it after the update.


            This is very frustrating and essentially makes data useless at home..... 

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              Yeah, I think when a Verizon rep says, "No one else has reported these problems," that means "No one else has reported these problems to me personally since my last coffee break." All these are widely reported issues on this forum and on Android Central, including the WiFi issues. It's not possible that Verizon had not heard of them.

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                Maybe so....  I have definitely seen the wifi issue addressed elsewhere.


                C'MON Verizon!   Fix my wifi!!!!  Do it quickly!  When it comes to a smart phone the 2 most important things are: 1) the mobile network 4G and 2) Wifi connectivity....  I can do without a bunch of other things before wifi!


                Oh, and it would be kind of cool if my VERIZON car charger actually charged the phone!  Who would think an update would prevent a charger from charging?

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                  My phone is doing some of these things after the update, and it is also saying that I don't have an SD card.  I've tried restarting my phone a few times, and I've tried removing and reinserting my SD card one time.  Most of my pics are backed up but not the latest ones, and I've got ringtones and other stuff on the SD card that I'd like to have.  Any suggestions for what to do? 

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                    So, I've posted this same thread in androidcentral and droidforums. Getting a lot of feedback in all three with users reporting similar problems. Definitely glad to hear it's not just us ...


                    Talked to another VZW rep who this time confirmed that they've heard of some of these issues. He then forwarded me over to Samsung where I spent a good half hour defending myself. He continually stated that this wasn't their issue. That it was either my phone or VZW ... It was quite frustrating. After continually defending myself he finally gave and put me on hold. Came back and stated that after speaking with other colleagues that he had been informed that supposedly there "might" be a maintenance patch in the works that "might" be pushed out within the next month. I think this was his way of getting me off the phone.


                    All he could recommend was to do a master reset and see what happens thereafter. The fact that both of our phones are doing this and many other users are reporting similar problems, leads me to believe that I would be wasting my time; however what if any options do I/we have? He had stated that should this not work, that I could pursue them re flashing the phone and going through some multiple point check. Ok, no? That would require lack of a phone for probably a week or two.


                    I dunno, I'm just at a loss at this point. I miss my GNexus and probably won't pursue future Samsung phones at this point. What happened to QA?

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                      Yeah, that is obnoxious. I haven't tried my car charger yet (non-Verizon, non-Samsung). But there's something I've read about the phone detecting an extra wire or pin in Samsung 2-amp chargers, or maybe just 2-amp chargers generally, to know how much current to draw. I wonder if the update has somehow messed that up so that it won't charge at all unless it detects a certain kind of charger.

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                        abean wrote:


                        What happened to QA?

                        Interesting, isn't it, that while every business organization, at least in the U.S. and I'll bet elsewhere as well, has put some kind of "quality" program put in place (often at great cost in actual productivity, as my wife can attest) over the last decade, and other organizations such as universities are having it foisted on them as well--actual quality has continued its precipitous decline.

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