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    Question about headphone jack on Droid Maxx


      Just got a new Droid Maxx and I'm getting sound from the external speaker when the headphone jack is plugged in. This is a different behaviour from what I"m used to on my old Droid X.  Why is this and is it configurable?

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          Audio still coming through the external speakers defeats the purpose of using headphones!  I would love to assist.

          Where did you purchase the headphones that you are using?  What model headphones are you using?  Have you tried a different set of headphones?  Is the issue persistent or is it happening intermittently?

          Please try soft resetting the device by following these steps: http://vz.to/1adiRfJ  and retest.  Keep me updated.  Thanks!

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            Thanks Anthony. Please let me clarify this.  When playing media like music

            or watching a video, there is no sound coming through the external speakers

            - only through the head phones.  However, if I receive a call while the

            head phones are plugged in, the sound from the call does play through the

            external speakers - the ring tones as well as the voice content after I

            pick up the call.  The alert tones for email or text messages are also

            played through the external speakers.  While I'm at work I like to keep my

            head phones plugged in so that if I receive any calls while I'm away from

            my desk, that the ring tone is not bothering my co-workers.  I hope this




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              It sound like you might possibly have a Faulty Jack how long have you had the phone?  There are some things you can try before returning the phone to the Store but if you have only a few days I would wait to Long)


              Here some suggestion you can Try.. 


              1. Make sure the Headphones are the Correct one's to work with your phone also make sure the Jack is fully seated but once it's seated don't press any further, sometime's giving the jack a slight wiggle will help clean any foreign in the port of the phone I clean my Head Phone Jacks with alcohol to keep there performance top game..


              2.If you have access to the Online Manual that can help with setting up your settings for Music and using a set of Headphones as a Courtesy I'll put the online manual Via a Link on here it will be in PDF format..


              3. I use a App called Equalizer to manage all my sounds in my Maxx i have the Audio Effects shut off there is a setting for Wired Stereo and one for Speaker..



              Here is the The Manual in PDF.. http://goo.gl/3EgVNs < Note Link is in short form it goes to Motorola's U.S.A.  Site..


              Here's an Additional Link: for the Motorola Maxx https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/product_page/faqs/p/30,6720,8882/#/how_do_i

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                I'm sorry but I cannot accept your evaluation of the issue.  This is a

                brand new phone, barely two weeks old. It's not a head phone issue - the

                same symptoms exist across several different head phones. It's not an

                insertion issue.  The head phones work just fine when listening to music or

                video.  It's an issue with phone/calling functions and alerts that are not

                recognizing that head phones are plugged into the audio jack.  This is a

                software issue and a trouble ticket needs to be opened to the group that

                supports the phone's OS software. I'm a software engineer with 30+ years of

                experience.  I know a software bug when I see one.

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                  It may be a OS problem have you looked in at Motorola's Forum boards they may have some in-site on the issue Mark there forum manager if he still is)  is one you could ask.. have you called Motorola it's there product,  maybe they may have a solution as well for ya maybe in the form of a OS update do you have all the current one's out for the phone.?  If this is a wide spread issue Hopefully they'll be one out soon...