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    ISIS on the Note 3 ?


      When will it be ready?  I know some people have succeeded but it says it is not compatible right now.  And the Note 3 does not even show up on the ISIS website.  Thanks,


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          One of the most advanced phones that Verizon offers and it is not ISIS compatible.  This is stupid.   ISIS is supported on the Note 3 with T-Mobile.  What's up with VZW holding out?

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            I agree. I replied to another post from Verizon Support about this also. They don't know when or why. I even called Verizon support and the guy that I spoke with was amazed it was not supported on the Note 3. When I went into the Verizon store the day ISIS came out, they spent a long time trying to get it installed and then told me it wasn't supported yet. Why would Verizon not support ISIS on the Note 3 when other carriers do? It's a mystery.

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              I am not sure why it has been pulled but I have been using on my Note 3 and it works well. I have the APK file but don't know how to share it really.