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    Kit Kat update


      I want to buy the new Droid Maxx, I also want to stay with Verizon but will the new Maxx get the Kit Kat update as i don't want to waist money on a new phone now and something in the works for 2014..

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          The Latest Family of Razr's  the Ultra, the Maxx and the Mini and also the Droid Moto X should certainly get this Update since they were released just recently)  My Razr Maxx probably won't get Kit Kat but it will probably get a maintenance update should there be one come out but you should be OK to purchase the new phone..

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            I'm not so much worried about Nexus 5 as I am with Verizon other new phones. If i decide to buy say the new Droid Maxx will it get the latest versions of Android in a timely manner. Why does Verizon have to have so much bloatware on their devices as to interfere with Android updates and limit its customers, and why if I pay so much money for a new phone and services with this company why are we as consumers left out of Android updates..Verizon get it together, your service is second to none right now, your coverage is great & your customer service specialist are wonderful and polite. Your business model should be to keep as many customers as to make more money.

                 Lower your plan pricing, stop hindering Google Android services and give your customers the phones they want with the plans they need at an affordable rate. Get rid of the unnecessary apps that no one will use that take up space, bloatware is costing you.  T-Mobil may not have great coverage but you could learn a thing or two about the plans they offer with the phones everyone loves and needs. If you make your customers happy you'll continue to make a profit, and this customer will be with you for life. 

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              I agree on the Bloatware front.  Now that we moving away from the subsidized pricing model, carriers and vendors alike do not need to rely on revenue generation from software installations.


              Secondly, we also need Google to act more like Apple.  Google needs to be the 800 lb gorilla in the room.


              When Android was young and new, I truly believed that any misstep by Google could have undermined what they were doing.


              Today, things are different. Android is on 80% of smartphones sold.  Google has some muscle if they would just use it.


              They have this vision of decrease version fragmentation with the release of Kit Kat.  They now need to press the issue.


              They need to get vendors to stop overly modifying the core software and keep it as pure as possible. They need to get carriers to stop monkeying with when they are supposedly testing it.

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                The Kit Kat update will be available for the new Droid lineup in mid-to-late December, as reported by Android Authority last week.