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    Verizon Fraud Department Nightmare


      I just switched from at&t to verizon approximately 1 month ago. I got the Samsung Galaxy s4 and loved it until the external speaker went out. I brought the phone to the store and they said it was a manufacturer defect and they would ship me a new one. The next day I notice that I have no connection to a mobile network, I get on my verizon online account and I see that my balance is paid in full but my service is SUSPENDED! I immediately call customer service and they tell me the fraud department has a hold on it. Customer service transfererred me to the fraud department and after waiting on hold for almost an hour I finally speak to a representative. She would not give me any information as to why they suspended my account and only said in order to remove it I need to send them a copy of my drivers license, social security card and a utility bill. I sent them all of the requested information and call them back. After waiting on hold for over an hour I finally get to speak to a fraud department representative. I explain the whole situation and want to make sure they have received everything. He in fact verifies that he received all of the requested documents but informs me that the signature on my drivers license and social security card look different! He then tells me that he doesnt know if the picture on my drivers license is really me or not!! I was told to take a picture on my phone of myself and send it to him so he can verify my identification! This is hands down HARASSMENT!! I informed him that i would not do such a thing and even if I would my service is suspended and I am unable to use my phone! I insisted that i speak with his supervisor and was hung up on!


      I go to my local verizon store and the associates and manager cant believe what is going on. They were just as shocked as I was. They tried to get the fraud department on the line but were unsuccessful (I was told that they were closed). They put a note on my account saying that they verified my identity. The next morning I call the fraud department at 8:00 am and stayed on hold until 9:30 am  finally hanging up because no one would take my call. I call back again at 1:00 pm and stay on hold for another hour without speaking to anyone!


      I am at the point now where I think i should seek a lawyer!

      Correct me if I am wrong.. If my account is suspended because they refuse to believe who I am then I should not be financially responsible for the contract cancellation fee, phone, and all other charges. If this is what they believe to be a fradulent account and i've done everything i can do to prove who i am then what?


      I will be talking to other cellular providers to see what my other options are. Hopefully you will never have to deal with the VERIZON FRAUD DEPARTMENT!

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Hi Amessina,

          My sincere apologies for the issues that are occuring with your wireless account. We certainly want to get this corrected right away. Have you been able to speak with our Fraud Department after visiting your local store? Please keep us posted, thanks!

          VZW Support
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            So, I have seen quite a few issues with NEW customers having to deal with this 'Fraud Department' and all of them have had the same story to tell...VZ Fraud sucks.  Well, I am an EXISTING customer (for 12 years!) that just ordered two new phones through MY account and had the upgrade fees charged to MY EXISTING BILL - and the order was still placed in 'Fraud Hold'.  Customer Service was no help, Billing was no help, Sales was no help - even when contacting them directly through MyVerizon.  And of course the Fraud Department is not open today...I placed the order 2 days ago, paid for overnight shipping and the order still shows as 'being processed.'  It has now been recommended that I call the Fraud Department directly tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM to get them to push the order through. So I now have to take action to correct their issue?


            Is this really the best Verizon has to offer?  Who can provide an explanation as to why this would EVER happen to a long standing Verizon customer that has had the same payment info, address, e mail and phone numbers for the life of my relationship with the company???

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              This sounds to me as if the Fraud Department is perpetrating fraud. 


              If there is anyone out there in this community who is an attorney, would you please consider what is happening here and weigh in with advice!  Thank you so much!!

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                  What was the nature of the hack???  Was this what caused data to spike so outrageously?  Fraud refused to consider my issue and never promised a refund.


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                    someone hacked into my MyVerizon account and changed my devices and added international calling and rang up $1200 worth of charges on the bill I just received. When I spoke to the fraud dept. on 12/2 which was the day the hack happened they assured me I would not be responsible for any charges and that no calls were made internationally. My data was okay at least I thought so I'll look into that because this billing cycle was the first time in almost 2 years I came close to the limit in my data plan.

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                      I am in the process of providing the Attorney General of California with information that I believe will show Verizon has committed 2 counts of Fraud in the last week, felonies perpetrated upon myself, a customer of Verizon for many years. I am shocked as the representations made to me in the context of promises made and intent to deceive, I found out about just now, must me dealt with as only logic leaves me to believe if they are doing this to one customer it is highly likely fraud has/is being perpetrated upon at least one other of the millions of customers.




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                        Watch your bill closely to make sure you have sufficient time window to act should something happen. . Verizon is no good at anything by telling lies. I've got a "payment arrangement" from them while a lost device case is being "investigated" (no need to say they do absolutely nothing to investigate anything, just give empty promises and stall). Two days after my account is suspended nonetheless (on christmas day btw, a befitting present from such **** of a company), I am forced to pay the bill that was supposedly under the "arrangement" and ever since I am trying to get my money back. Heck, I have everything on record, never talk to verizon reps without recording anymore, but they are just stalling again, despite the fact that they were cornered and confirmed that suspension was a "mistake" on their side. I am considering FCC/legal action. Sick, tired, and fed up. Everyone should run for cover from this "company".

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                          Intent to deceive is exactly what their standard business operating procedures seem to be lately. I've been given inaccurate and misleading information multiple times (have it on record), and misrepresentation and failure to honor any arrangement has become Verizon's only signature. FCC/legal action seems to be the only way (feels very satisfactory at this point).

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