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    When will 4g be available on prepaid?


      I would love to know when verizon will be releasing prepaid for the 4g phones. I have a 4g phone here that I canot use on prepaid so i had to buy a 3g phone to use. When will 4g prepaid be available? It would be nice to use my phone I love again.

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          I would guess that prepaid plans for 4G on Verizon Wireless won't happen until VoLTE is significantly rolled out. By that time, the phone you want to use might not be compatible with VoLTE either.

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            when it is available my phone will work with prepaid is a top of the line phone lol they said its not compatible with 4g just 3g thats y i am curious when they will put 4g on prepaid

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi Sammi420,

              We do have an awesome prepaid network.  I know that many customers are anticipating 4G speeds.  We do not currently have any info for the launch of 4G on our Prepay Service.  Stay up to date with our lauches on our news page. http://bit.ly/n5snpq

              Thanks, BobbyS_VZW
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                do you know how long of a time frame before the launch of 4g prepay i have the droid razr that i love and would love to bring it to prepay as i am on now but with a 3g phone. I would love to have my droid back as soon as i can

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  I apologize Sammi420, but I don't have any info on the 4G availability on prepaid. If anything changes, you'll see details at news.vzw.com.

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                    Sadly it probably wont happen anytime soon because I think that they dont want prepaid competing with their postpaid services. FCC has put a lot of restrictions on VZW for this 4G Spectrum and they are milking the $100 share everything plans (or share your wallet plans as I call em).


                    Personally, I think that they are abusing their access to this spectrum and more people need to be contacting the FCC about it.

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                      I have the same problem.

                      I am on the normal plan and my wife usually uses my old phone after I upgrade.

                      However, now that I have 4G, can't do that anymore.

                      I am looking to switch my plan to ATT as they have a pretty good 4G prepaid plan.

                      ATT uses GSM so you can easily switch phones to T-Mobile as well

                      just by inserting the sim card.

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                        I recently bought a ATT prepaid 4g phone as a second phone, debating dropping my monthly service because of the stupid VZW data plans. $60/month 1gb with $15/500mb data overage is ridiculous. THATS $30 PER GIG OVERAGE!


                        A 2gb plan shouldnt cost more than $60/month PERIOD. I actually wish Metro PCS was in my area. I would jump on them in a heartbeat! My only choices are ATT or Tmobile, but I am checking out their coverage area's before I Port over my phone number. VZW just doesnt get it, that they are ticking off millions of their customers with their stupid "share my wallet" plans (and ATT isnt much better on postpaid)!

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                          that's sad when a person can take their galaxy III to straight talk to get it to work. My whole family has Verizon been with you since it was Cellular One. recently it was cheaper to move to pre paid only to find out that cant use it on your pre paid right now I hooked up a old phone but Sprints share everything is looking pretty good and Verizon is looking to loose 25 customers in one visit. Verizon you might have been #1 but I see other companies by passing you at a rapid rate. Sad you would let things go down this way

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