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    Why is Verizon making it more difficult for their customers?


      I have been a Verizon customer for years.  I get a discount on my bill through my place of employment.  Now, all of a sudden, I need to verify my employment or my bill goes up.  Very inconvenient.  I tried to use the e-mail verification, but my employer blocks scripts from outside networks so the verification screen comes up garbled and useless.  Fair enough, I stop in the Verizon store to inquire about it and am looked at like a bug and told I have to mail off my pay stub full of personal financial and tax information.  They cannot help me.  Ok, so I try to find a customer service e-mail to contact.  Doesn't exist.  When all the other carriers are making it easier to do business with them, Verizon continues to **** on their customers to squeeze a couple more bucks out of them.  I am ready to cancel the service outright and move on to where my business in valued.

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          Verizon started verifying the employee discounts earlier this year; there isn't an e-mail address, but maybe if you used this link from your home computer (it gives you the opportunity to upload your documents):

          Verizon Wireless Employer Discounts: Register | Verizon Wireless

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            Dear Verizon:


            Is there a list somewhere of what companies you allow discounts through.  I have been a customer of yours for over 20 years and have never been asked to provide verification of employment to receive the discount.


            Now, you are asking for verification or for me to face my bill going up. 


            I cannot find any contact information to email you about this or anyone to talk to.  I think originally I got the discount because I am a member of a credit union that allowed the discount.


            So, tell me two things:

            1.  Where is the list of affiliations so I can be sure that I am still entitled to one?

            2.  What amount will my bill go up by if I am not entitled to the discount?  I'm currently paying almost $180 for 3 lines.


            I am so very annoyed by this needless aggravation that it is enough for me to look at other service providers.  Thanks for motivating me to look into who else may offer better service by threatening to remove a discount from a 20 plus year customer of yours!


            Sorry to be so nasty but I truly do not regard this as being of service to any of your customers - rather, it's you showing your greedy corporate hand which is the opposite of customer service.

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              Employment validation began earlier this year.  Also earlier this year, Verizon removed the e-mail option and replaced it with chat.  There is a Contact Us feature with the employment validation process via this link:

              Verizon Wireless - It's Time to Renew Your Discount. Validate Your Employment in a Few Easy Steps.

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                I can not begin to agree with you enough!  This is absolutely rude of Verizon.  I have been a loyal customer for years.  We have multiple lines, and pay a high enough bill as it is.  Our data always seems to go higher.  I already lost the unlimited data plan by switching to a plan Verizon suggested only to find out that my bill was not going to be much more expensive.  Now they want to possibly take our discount away??  What is going on Verizon?? 


                This is taking time out of my busy schedule to provide something that I believe is very private.  My discount amount was also something that I considered when I choose Verizon as my cell company.  I would like to see Verizon's list of company's that are eligible.  (Why isn't that list provided to the consumer?) 


                I have given two email addresses with my company name included in the address, and Verizon won't accept the email addresses.  Now they want a copy of a paystub that I feel is very private information.


                If they want to demand that we give the info, and we are not eligible for some reason, then we should be able to be released fully from our contracts.  If my discount is not in place, then the plan just went over my budget and I want out.  I want out without any of the early cancellation fees.  The service is not what I signed up for.  I find it to be rude, and I question how legal it is for a company to just remove a discount amount we were given when we signed our contracts??


                I find this to be very disheartening that Verizon is harassing Loyal customers.  If they are that hungry to make an extra few dollars, then let them risk actually loosing their customers all together.  If Verizon wants to request this at the time of signing a contract for a new customer so be it, but to harass loyal customers that have been here for years is unbelievable!


                I am beyond upset about this.