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    Phone won't connect to PC


      I am using the regular Droid Razr and the cable that came with the phone, in order to try to connect to my PC. The status bar on the phone shows that it is conncected as a USB device but the phone is not charging and only empty directories for my phones internal storage and SD card show up in "computer" folder when I check. If i try to access music or even take a screen shot of my phone I can't because it says storage may be in use meaning it is connected to the computer but its just accessing the phone. My phone is not locked, i tried using the USB debug and I'm fresh out of ideas.

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          Normally if you change the usb port you are using on the computer fixes this situation.

          Make sure the droid razr is set for USB mass storage prior to hooking to your computer.


          Make sure your computers usb drivers are functional. (may need updated drivers)


          Lastly hook the phone to another computer you can use and see if there is any problem. If not then my thought is bad usb port or missing drivers.


          Good Luck