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    Help for Elderly, Disabled, Low Income?


      I know if you can't afford a phone you should not get one. That being said people should have a avenue to service and in most cases no one needs it more than this group of people. I know there are many special plans for this group but those minutes go by in a week in most cases. A person say on $1500 a month (and in allot of cases  that's on the high end). Out of that average medical alone is about $300.00 with premiums and copays. Then take the average cost of living? Add to that say $150.00 dollar average  cell phone bill this is a large percent of a persons income? With the price Verizon charges you can't tell me they could not afford to knock off say $50.00 off this persons bill? There Data rates alone are just crazy. I would love to have the income they get from just say 100 of there customers you could live quite well? And then on top of that they could write it off to the government and probably would not cost them a penny in the end? Face it $50 to $75.00 a month would be much more expectable this $100+ for any decent plan is probably more than most Visa companies make off interest rates alone. But as it is you take it or leave it they sure well not hesitate to stuff that 2 year contract that you agreed to at ya?  There's some cell phone companies coming up that have found this group much lower rates same equipment (yes there are many, many, arguments to this but?). Where I live for the most part Verizon is the only choice. In the future there will be many more T mobiles out there!!

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          You can get a $50/month prepaid basic phone plan from Verizon with unlimited everything. A $60/month prepaid smartphone plan from Verizon with unlimited texting/minutes with 2GB of data. Lower priced plans ARE available.

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            Is this a hypothetical situation?  Or are you truly asking a question?  Not sure what exactly you are trying to say.


            If it's a real situation, then yes, if you entered into a contract, you are obligated to fulfill the terms of that contract.  Same as any other legal contract you enter into voluntarily.


            If you are not in a contract currently, then you might be eligible for a Senior Cell Phone Plan.



            And yes, there are lots of other service provider which might be able to offer service at a lower cost.  You might get less service with those, but if price is what your concern is, then that might be an avenue to try.

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              I fall into this category and would like help with my phone bill and you can contact at (removed) I pay for my own Hospitalization I am A type One Diabetic and  have many other physical problems and a father with no wife I work doing small jobs and keep bill very low but need my phone for my work mainly I cant even own a House phone everything is so tight I am under the amount  per year as you said and hope you can help I will provide any Papers to prove this


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                Send Me Info So I can See What I qualify for Assistance Mike Seidita  - I fall into this category thank you address is (removed)


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                  You both have made valid points. I intended this to be very general not using myself directly as the model.

                  Now, with regard to your answers let me go one at a time. Prepaid is a whole different beast, I can only go by my observations with this. Most prepaid services offer only older out of date equipment, which in many cases is equipment not friendly to disabled or elderly from a usage standpoint. Meaning in many cases smaller screens or keyboards (just for example) and in many cases let me use my plan 3 phones with unlimited voice, text, and 4 gig of data would put you in the poor house buying just the phones. and well over that $100.00 mark for the bill.


                  That Senior Plan leaves out the Disabled and Low Income? It limits you to only 450 minutes of talk (which I would use before the first week) its text and data are reasonable. Remember many seniors and disabled are shut ins in some cases, Heck they use the phone more then your average user? That's why I never understand  AARP adds that always show seniors as people who only call on rare occasions and are never interested in Smartphone functions?  That's Bull allot of times!!! And why are these folks portrayed as folks that could not honor a two year contract given a rate they can afford. You base your allowance as a customer on credit which due to massively high medical bills or loss of job causing bankruptcy's and repossions  therefore are excluded from a normal account?


                  I know as a company you are in business to make a profit and have to consider Risk on a per person bases. And yes if a person agrees to a contract they need to honor it. You can point out overhead but bottom line the average cellphone bill is WAY over rated. I have a normal account myself but it's a struggle sometime?

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                    You keep saying that the question is generic, yet you also keep using specific (personal) examples.


                    I only brought up prepaid because you seemed to obliquely refer to it in your original post.


                    I would think that for people who are "shut ins" (to use your terms) that a landline service would be a much, much better solution than an sort of cell phone service.


                    No one "needs" a smartphone. They are nice to have.  They are convenient.  They are invaluable at times. 


                    And cell phones in general are a luxury item. If a person "can't afford" one, then they shouldn't have one.  Life is about choices.  Everyone has bills to pay with a limited amount of money.  Mortgage, car payment, utilities, food, etc.  But if a person wants to use a service (whatever that service is) then they should be expected to pay the same price as everyone else.

                    I might want to stay in a luxury hotel rather than a cheap rate motel, but I don't get to expect to have the high dollar item at a cut rate price.  Disabled, senior, low income, or otherwise.

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                      I'm sorry I have used some personal information in my post but I also have revealed what plan I have and no alias my username is my name for all to see.


                      I agree with many of your comments but as a partial shut in myself I do have to disagree about a cellphone being more practical? Land Lines offer none of the smartphone portability or function ln many cases laptops are to large. A phone fits in your hand. A smartphone offers many tools they may not otherwise have. But my personal version ends there.


                      My only reason is making smartphones affordable to everyone and not just a luxury for people with lots of money? I had one girl email me how she struggles to afford a phone she has to have for her job.


                      It seems some responses are coming to just my email and not making it on here? I opened a ticket to find out why?

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                        hawkesrw1 wrote:


                        It seems some responses are coming to just my email and not making it on here? I opened a ticket to find out why?


                        If you have, indeed, posted personal information, that's against the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service and the posts may have been reported to the Moderators for review.  Once the Moderators have a chance to complete their review, the posts will be returned to the forum edited as needed.

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                          Sir I have in no way used my personal information. I have called Verizon helpdesk to find out why I am missing some responses? I have a open helpdesk ticket.I have done or said nothing wrong other than answer a question politely I might add. I am calling tech support to add your userid added to my ticket. I have the number in my email if you'd  like it?

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