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    Wifi connection issues after update


      I recently was prompted to update my S4 and after it has been completed, I have issues with the phone recognizing and connecting to known routers that I use every day.  I have the Wifi on all of the time and the two main routers that I connect to are at work and at home.  If I leave my house, and go to work, my phone shows that it recognizes my work router, but does not automatically connect to it.  The same scenario happens when I walk into my house; the phone recognizes the router, but won't automatically connect to it like it used to do.  The only way that I have found that my phone will connect to both of these places is if I toggle the "wifi on/off" switch.  Does anyone know how to make my phone automatically recognize and connect to known routers again?

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          I am having exactly the same problem and in a lengthy chat with Verizon tech support all they could offer is that they would "post it" to a forum to see if there's a solution.  I have put them on notice that I will not be held responsible for data overages because while I can turn it back on manually, as you described, as I walk around my building and hit "dead spots" on the wifi it goes to 4g and fails to reconnect to wifi when I re-enter it - for me to stay on wifi I would have to literally check it every minute and it isn't right that I'm now subjected to data use (mostly for email, etc...) when it should automatically be on my wifi.


          FYI, Verizon says this isn't their problem because it's a Samsung update.  This is a ridiculous argument because Verizon is the party that put it on my phone.   They are clearly liable if they installed something on my phone that doesn't work.   Can you imagine a driver running someone over but then saying that it isn't their fault because Ford made the car?!   

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            And verizon is absolutely correct. Verizon provides cellular and data services and coverage for a monthly price.

            Samsung is the maker of the devices and the operating system is done by Samsung/Google and then submitted to Verizon to eventually push out to their customers. Verizon is not responsible for a bad operating system update, Samsung is.


            Like Apple devices, I personally applaud Apple for doing their own updates without Verizon it makes it easier to push out patches or fixes much quicker.


            All phone manufacturers should be doing this so to have the carrier not get blamed for something beyond their control.

            You wifi patch will come from Samsung.


            Car analogy is not even valid in you Ford issue. The driver is responsible since they are the driver of the car.

            Verizon is the car, Samsung is the motor that makes it run. Car won't run without a motor.


            Good Luck

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              A closer analogy would be Verizion is the highway, Samsung is the car, and the motor is Google.

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                ha ha so true. You would not expect the highway to upgrade your motor, in the car!

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                  I am having the exact same issue.

                  Hopefully someone can post a fix to this.

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                    Try this then reboot your phone


                    • Go to Settings < WiFi < Then push the bottom left menu button next to (to the left of) your home button. This will bring up a menu with 5 options.
                    • Click Advanced.  The "Check for Internet Service" box NEEDS to be checked.  This setting allows for your phone to switch between WiFi and 4G automatically as needed
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                      Had an issue where my phone would get an IP address but would not stay connected. Samsung support made me go through these steps that seem to have helped. (use at your own peril) . Steps to clear system cache partition

                      1. Power the device off (remove and re-insert the battery).

                      2. Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key, then press and hold the Power key.

                      3. When the device vibrates; release only the Power key.

                      4. When the Android system recovery menu displays; release the Volume Up and the Home key.

                      5. Navigate with the Volume keys to the wipe cache partition option and press the Power key to select.

                      reboot the system now.

                      reboot your wi-fi router


                      I had to undo Klue's fix from above. although that may have been my specific case. i.e.

                      Uncheck this - The "Check for Internet Service" box NEEDS to be checked.

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                        Vrr and Klue, I have tried both of these with no success.  I am still having the same issue that I have to always manually toggle the wifi on and off switch in order to connect to wifi, even with known routers.  Not happy at all.

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                          The wifi on/off switch, is that the one on the notification bar or the one in wifi from the settings menu?  The notification bar wifi toggle was put there from a previous update back in May. 

                          Wonder if these two updates are in conflict with each other.  I have not applied the latest update and will probably not do it because of all the different kinds of issues it is bringing up. 

                          The steps I put up earlier was from a poster that did this because people were having to turn off wifi to send MMS files.  This helped quite a few through that problem, so I posted it thinking it could help yours,

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