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    Don't Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 until they fix the Screen! Verizon Fails to Support Warranty!


      Maybe we should organize a class action law suit!


      Dear Verizon Wireless and other Verizon/Samsung customers,


      I have been a loyal Verizon customer for 8 years and I have to express my recent extreme dissatisfaction with Verizon's business practices, customer service, and my overall experience as a customer. I am unable to get resolution by following the channels you set about for support and customer service.


      I have the following complaints about your business practices.


      • Failure to provide the services and product support you promise
      • Poor policies relating to service and products
      • Failure to provide customer service to resolve customer issues
      • Conflicting information from Verizon representatives
      • Rude and unfriendly customer representatives


      I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 on July 11th, 2013. I reluctantly paid $650 for the phone because Verizon could not offer me a more reasonable option. After having the phone a mere 3 months the screen malfunctioned. At the time of malfunction, the screen had green lines running across it and was unresponsive. There was no physical harm or abuse or excessive force caused to the phone. The phone was contained in a protective case. Several hours later, a small internal crack appeared in the internal LCD screen, there is no damage to the outside of the screen or phone. I went to the Verizon store and was denied service or a warranty claim. While in the store, the technical support representative asked me to remove the battery to the phone. When I removed the battery a very large crack to the internal LCD screen appeared before both of our eyes.


      The phone I received is defective. The phone was used in a normal manner. There is no damage to the outside of the phone. An independent phone repair shop evaluated the phone and determined the screen crack was due to defect, and likely happened due to overheating. An internet search will return results of a major quality issue with this make and model of phone (example). The high occurrence of this cracking is indicative that the phone was not designed with typical customer use in mind.


      I believe, as is standard in other industries, Verizon should perform their due diligence to ensure that the companies it does business with are producing quality products and then further support those products with their customers. It goes without saying, it is unacceptable to provide a product to customers knowing there may be quality issues and then refusing to support them.


      The Verizon policy is to deny warranty claims for any phones that have cracks with the basis that a crack is always due to the abuse of the customer. However, there are situations where a screen could become damaged by no fault of the customer or abuse of the phone. Possible reasons for this defect could be overheating of the phone, improper materials used, faulty installation of the screen, etc. This one size fits all policy is fundamentally flawed.


      I understand that it would be a loss to Verizon to provide replacement phones in the case of abuse. However, in my case, Verizon cannot prove the crack was caused by misuse, as there is no physical damage to the outside of the phone. In these instances, wouldn’t it be better to apply the age old adage “the customer is always right” and replace the phone for continued customer satisfaction? After all, you are a service provider and want my continuing subscription to your service and positive feedback by word of mouth, not cancellation and dissatisfaction over a product. With the billions of dollars of business you do with Samsung you must be able to create a contract that will better serve your customers or negotiate a resolution in these instances.


      In addition to Verizon's poor policy, I received unacceptable customer support. I spent many hours both on the phone and in the store speaking with Verizon representatives. I received conflicting information from your technical and customer support over the phone and from the store. I was not able to find someone in management empowered with any decision making abilities. I was treated in a rude and unfriendly manner. I was not presented any options that are in accord with the services and products I was promised.


      Living in the internet age, Verizon is aware of the ease with which these situations can and will be circulated. I have already filed a complaint with the better business bureau and consumer affairs. I will be publicizing my negative experience via youtube, facebook, instagram, internet forums, etc. I urge Verizon to take a look at your current business operations. Your customers are already grouping together to demand what was promised to them and take legal action and/or stop doing business with your company entirely (petition).


      I ask that you immediately replace my phone and improve your internal policies and customer service.



      Lisa B

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          Contact Samsung USA and send it back to them. It is possible that yes it was defective and they will repair it.

          If they even fix it you will not have a phone until its repaired.


          If you have proof of this material defect I would tell Samsung you will supply copies of your research. Which I am sure they already know. You see Verizon does not fix devices. They send them back so you end up with a refurbished puece of junk.

          Sorry but true. But under so called questionable customer actions they do not accept devices with physical damage or water damage. It is the policy with the device manufacturer.


          There are no class actions allowed since the US Supreme Courts Decision a year or so back.

          If verizon sent your device back as you wanted they would have been told damaged device and not manufacturer defect, and would have billed you for its cost. And you still would have had a refurbished phone which may have the same issue or worse. If you had supplement insurance the damage would have been covered. But there is a deductable which could top almost $200 or less depending on make and model.


          Good Luck

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            I agree with you but I find that resolution unacceptable and there is no reason it has to be that way.


            There are hundreds of dissatisfied Samsung and Verizon customers that have defective phones. It is unacceptable for the resolution to be to send the phone back to the manufacturer and be out of a phone for an undisclosed amount of time due to manufacturer defect.


            Verizon should not be selling phones they know have high defect rates. Their warranty policy does not have to be one size fits all.


            Make some changes and address the problems Verizon!!!

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              Verizon is in a double bind. Customers want the device and verizon wants the business customers. If they were the only company not selling the Samsung they would lose both. Its business.


              You can google the issue you mentioned, however there are not enough complants to warrant a phone recall. Strange that if you had the issue many others have not. Percentages however are what dictate phone production flaws.


              Verizon provides a service. Connectivity to make and receive calls, web access, and text services. As long as they are doing this they can not be faulted for a bad device. They are bound by the manufacturers conditions for warranty. Personally as I have always said verizon should not be involved in this and let the makers get the bunt of complaints. That would be fair.


              Right now Verizon gets the heat, yet they don't make the devices. The makers sit back and just rake in money for selling the devices and hope customers don't realize that they can receive service under them. No one wants to be without their phone for 7-10 days.


              Oh Well

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                There are enough complaints. This phone has a high infant mortality rate! It's becoming clear to me that you work for Verizon so I don't see any need to reply to any more of your comments.


                We need change. There are better ways to do business! Support your customers Verizon!!

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                  No I don't work for Verizon nice try.

                  You just want to complain but don't like reason applied to your posts.

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                    I'm perfectly reasonable. I don't know why you would take their side if you don't work for them.


                    I bought a defective phone and within 3 months a crack appeared to the internal screen without any caliphs damage to the phone. The phone is defective and I tried to have the phone replaced by warranty and was refused. This is a known and documented issue with these phones. Verizon and Samsung are doing nothing to address the issue. Samsung has a major quality issue and Verizon shouldn't do business with a company knowing it's a problem.

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                      I am not siding with the company. If you ever read my posts, I am pecks bad boy.

                      What you are not grasping is Verizon has nothing to do with a broken phone. Yes it may be defective, and yes Samsung is the people to go after. Verizon Wireless sells a service, they purchase the devices from the manufactures using the manufacturers warranty provisions. Not there own.


                      Verizon does not make devices. They do not repair them, and when its a proven manufacturer issue (Broken glass) as you yourself suspect why in gods name would you insist Verizon Wireless fix or replace when its not under their control to do so.


                      I mentioned that if you bought the Asurion Insurance, breakage and water damage and loss and theft are fully covered with a very high deductible. These manufacturers have you both coming and going.


                      I can see your issue, but its really Samsung you have to go after. Yes they can be sued as a class action, yes you can sue them as an individual, yes complain about their defects, but its Samsung that you really have your issue with.


                      Believe me when Verizon goofs up I am one of the more outspoken people here on the forum.


                      Good Luck

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                        It's absolutely under there control.


                        I did not walk into a Samsung store and purchase a phone. I walked into a Verizon store and purchased it. With the billions of dollars Verizon does in business with Samsung they can easily demand that Samsung provide a replacement phone. I have no leverage with Samsung and no relationship with them but Verizon does.


                        The leverage I have is with Verizon, to whom I paid the $650, and to whom I pay monthly service fees. They are the ones that need to find resolution for this problem.

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