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    iPhone 5s data help



          Can anyone  please help me with this ? I just got my iPhone 5s with Verizon plan. and this is my first iPhone/smart phone so I am not to good with it my finances are not that good. So I'm trying my best not to go over my iPhone 5s Verizon data plan. is there a web site that I can go to that will tell me what apps to stay away from and if I need adjust some settings on the iPhone 5s help manage my Verizon data plan so I do not go over it ? Thank you any help on this.

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Congratulations on your first iPhone/Smartphone john45top! I hope its everything you expected and more so far. I can totally appreciate you needing to keep data cost/usage down. Some basic things are your settings. When on Internet, (Safari), if you get prompt to enable location, select No. For e-mails, its best to set to Pull vs. Push. Therefore, you can retrieve e-mails instead of having automatically pushed to your phone. The file size is also important. Its best to select minimum file size when retrieving e-mails. With applications, its best to update over WiFi, (use WiFi whenever possible). When not using applications, be sure to close out. Same with Internet/ Safari. Be sure to close with (X) on top of screen when not in use. Social Media applications, its best to retrieve latest feeds manually instead of automatically. Otherwise, data will be constantly running. You can get all Support for the iPhone 5 at the following link: http://vz.to/WuMpjh

          I hope this helps.

          Thank you,

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            Hi VanessaS_VZW

                                           Thank you for replying back to me and your help on this I will try everything that you told me to. But I can not get that link to open  that you gave to me. Thank you

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              There are also options on your verizonwireless account homepage where you can set alerts that would send you a text message alerting you the amount of data you use.

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                Hi john45top!

                Sorry about that link, I can help you out! I checked it and was able to get to the page Vanessa sent. Please try this one, it's a page that shows all the details for the iPhone 5:

                Thank you,

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                  Hi Verizon wireless customer support.

                         Can you or anyone please help me with this ?  I have followed all the steps that was giving to me. When a check on the my Verizon app it has my shared minutes at 250/450.   My messages 0/1000 my data 0.851gb /2gb  How is this possible that I am using that much data ? And I got this iPhone 5s with  Verizon wireless plan on October 12  2013 at 2:30pm

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support


                    No worries, I can help explain your usage. I know it can be a little difficult to understand the usage.

                    Whenever you access the Internet, stream music, access certain games or use the hotspot on your device it will use up data from your data allowance. How are you using your phone?

                    In order to get a better idea of your usage I will need to access your account. Follow me, JohnB_VZW, and send me a direct message with your name, number, and billing password so I can review your account.

                    You can also visit http://vz.to/15tdms0 to view the great tools we offer to help manage your usage.


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                      Hi JohnB_VZW

                                               do you have a technical support number that I  can call you on and talk to you? Thank you

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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        Hi there john45top!

                        We definitely want to make sure you're getting to know your new phone! We do have a Technical Support number at 800-922-0204 option 3. Additionally, you can hover over my icon and follow me and send a direct message with your phone number, account verification (billing password or last 4 of your social) and any questions you may have.


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