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    Loyalty plan with data?


      I currently am on a single line plan with a feature phone.  Its a loyalty plan that runs me around $43.00 a month.  I don't use my phone a lot so this is perfect for me.


      I really would like to buy a smartphone and add data but I am not willing to spend a lot of money.  Does anyone know if they have a low cost data plan for smartphone users?


      I would be buying my own phone.  I don't want to be under contract and trapped into something.


      Also, has anyone had any luck with the prepaid plans at Walmart.  I was told they have a voice/data prepaid Verizon smartphone package at Walmart for $50 a month but don't know if this is true.


      Verizon really needs to make something low-cost available for low use users like me who want a little data.

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          I called in yesterday with some questions.  I was actually thinking of leaving the contract plans and going with the pre-paid plan that costs $60 a month for unlimited talk/text and 2gb data.  So while on the phone the rep told me of a loyalty plan.  It's the same but with a contract, $60/month for the unlimited talk/text and 2gb data.  The deal was you have to upgrade your phone though.  Then she said they'd give me $50 off a new phone, not eligible on the new iPhones or the new samsung.  I told my boyfriend about it, he went to the store and picked out a phone and is now on this loyalty plan.  I'm switching over to it too.  It's not advertised, but I think since I was threatening to go to pre-paid, I was offered it. Hope that helps.

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            What did your monthly bills end up being, after taxes and such?  Were there any hidden fees?