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    Question about SIM cards


      Hello all,


      I've got a quick question that I'm not sure of the answer. My son has an HTC One on VZW. He recently picked up an iPhone5 from a cousin. He wants to be able to use both phones but NOT at the same time. Example, use the HTC One Monday-Friday for school and work and on Saturday and Sunday use the iPhone. Is it possible to do that? If so what would we need to do?

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          Couple of things.


          You will need an adapter for switching the nano SIM card from the iPhone 5 to the HTC One. Otherwise you will have to either get customer service to reactivate the other SIM card or get a new one at least twice a week.


          He will need to setup his voicemail every single time he switches between the two phones. Apple uses a different voicemail system then all the other phones on the Verizon Wireless network. Switch from the Android to iPhone setup the voicemail. Switch from the iPhone to the Android phone setup the voicemail again. Rinse and repeat. Also any saved voicemails in either system will be lost during every switch.


          Finally you can only switch between phone for a total of four times within a billing cycle. After the fourth time, he would be stuck with whichever phone was last activated until the billing cycle resets. The situation you describe is going to involve switching the phone more than four times in a month.

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            It might be best to go with a second or 3rd line an add the lowest bucket of Data for the phone, and use it that way..