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    Check phone ESN and lied to.


      So 2 weeks ago I bought a iPhone 4 off of craigslist. First thing I did was call customer service to check if it was stolen. They told me NO, It is ready to go and is not lost or stolen or on any blacklist!...So I buy the phone, turn around and try to activate it...GUESS WHAT!! It is stolen. All of this is documented on Verizons notes too! The customer service reps even said they cant believe this happen to me. They will not help me out in any way either! The phone I originally got and used up my upgrade for ( right at a month ago) I cant return...I tried returning it and it was day 15...I thought I had 30 days like you used to get...well its 14 now....Anyway due to verizons incompetence I am out $150 on a stolen phone. All I asked for to make this all better was for me to be able to return my phone that I got on day 1 and purchase another one with upgrade. Yea right! Where is the customer service at? Seriously guys come on.

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          A few questions ...


          1. How much time elapsed between when you checked to see if it was reported stolen and when you actually completed the purchase?

          2. Does the system show when the device was reported stolen?

          3. Is it possible that the seller reported it stolen after you checked?

          4. Did you consider meeting the seller at a Verizon store so that you could immediately check before completing the transaction?

          5. Have you contacted the seller and requested a refund for a false sale?

          6. Why can't you use the phone that you got with your upgrade?  (As a side note, if you look at your purchase paperwork, it clearly spells out the 14 day return period which starts with the day you get the device.)

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            1. About an hour.

            2. Yes Febuaray 2013

            3. NO

            4.No I did not. I had not experienced this level of incompetence until now.

            5. Of course, with no result.

            6.It does that that on the paperwork I am sure. I (like 99% of the populus did not read it all). But I am suffering the consequence of that and paying my dues...How is Verizon paying me back for their incompetence? Not gonna happen. I can use if....I simplified it....But let me go into depth...I got a droid Ultra because the Iphone 5 s came out in a week. My sister was going to get a 32gb 5s and trade it to me for a Iphone 4 and my droid....But guess what happend...THIS. So not I am sitting here ******* all the way around.

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              Trust me I know this sounds unreal...Like I should be the one who messed up. But no, somehow someway - weither she just didnt want to take the time to look it up, weither she wanted to be evil, or whatever reason, If Verizon would have competently informed me I would not have bought the bogus iphone.

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                Next time you might want to try this tool instead in order to check the ESN/IMEI/MEID status.  http://swappa.com/esn


                Also, it seems that the seller sold you a stolen device.  You might want to investigate legal action against that person.  That's where the fault really lies.


                And the part about the upgrade phone you got really doesn't make any sense.  First you say that you wanted to return it but you were past the 14 day return period.  Now you seem to be saying that your sister is using it.  ??  Or are you saying something else?

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                  Next time I will use multiple methods. I counted on Verizon to come through with a helpful correct answer and they failed me. Why is it that you are seeming to want to avoid this point. Their error helped cost me $150. And yes the thief was wrong, but the whole point in me calling was because I assume everyone is a thief when it comes to phones. And me trading my phone for another makes perfect sense. Iphone 4 + droid Ultra would get me a Iphone 5S 32GB when they came out. But seeing as the iphone was stolen and im ******* out of $ I cant trade for it anymore - hence me being stuck with Droid.


                  My point is Verizon should have to help me out for causing this problem. How would it hurt them to let me return my phone (which was otterboxes and screen protected within 30 seconds of it coming out of the box) and pay the upgrade? Especially since they are why I don't have the iPhone 5s anyway now.

                  And I shortened my story because it is long and complicated, not because I am "changing my story". Do you work for Verizon or will a Verizon employee chime in? I would love for Verizon to actually right this situation. - and if not please explain the process where I can cancel my service and return my devices with a receipted refund?